What\'s the matter with pepper seedlings, how to soak peppers to soak

Pepper rotten seedlings may provide unsolved fertilizers for plants during maintenance, causing plants to be infected by bacteria, or may be too densely planting seedlings, resulting in poor ventilation between plants. It may also be that pepper seedlings are growing growing growth. During the process of germs and diseases, measures need to be taken to prevent diseases at this time.

What\'s the matter with pepper seedlings, how to soak peppers to soak

Why the pepper is rotten seedlings

1. Improper fertilization

Chili rotten seedlings may be caused by improper fertilization. When fertilizing the peppers, if an unsolved organic fertilizer is used, the fungi in the fertilizer will infect the pepper seedlings, causing rotting seedlings in the plant. Therefore, when maintaining peppers in the later period, it is necessary to provide it with rotten organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizers.

2. Too much watering

Pepper rotten seedlings may also be too much watering, which causes the environment of plant growth to be too humid. Therefore Water, it is best to provide it with rich mineral water when the soil is dry, stop watering when the soil is moist to allow the plant to grow healthy.

3. Planting too dense

When planting pepper seedlings, the plant spacing needs to be controlled at about 20 cm. Bacteria cause rotten seedlings in peppers. At this time, you need to dig out the seedlings that are planted too close.

4. Bacterial infection

Pepper has a disease during the growth process, which will cause plant rotten seedlings. At this time, the rotten seedlings need to be dug out and burned, then sprinkle lime powder to the planting area, and spray the bacteria clear or polymorrhin solution to other healthy seedlings to eliminate the germs on the plant and allow the plant to return to normal growth.

The maintenance management method of pepper

Provide nutrition:

Chili will consume a lot of nutrients during the growth process, so it is necessary to provide reasonable nutrients for plants to improve pepper pepper Growth speed. During the growth of pepper, it is best to use nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium complex fertilizers to absorb the balanced nutrients and make peppers better.

Proper trimming:

Too many branches and leaves have grown during the growth process, which will consume a lot of nutrients, so peppers do not have enough nutrient growth, so it is necessary to properly in the maintenance of peppers. Pruning, cutting off the dense or long -term branches and leaves to help plants save nutrients.

Disease Control:

The growth environment of the pepper is more humid, but the too humid environment is easy to breed bacteria and cause pepper disease. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the normal ventilation and ventilation of the pepper growth environment. Spray the bactericides for pepper to eliminate bacteria on plants. In the maintenance of peppers, the pepper growth environment must be maintainedAt the same time, peppers also need to spray sterilizers regularly to eliminate bacteria on plants.

How to germination of pepper seeds

Soak the buds.Soak the disinfected pepper seeds in a 55 -degree hot water and keep stirring. After the water temperature drops to thirty degrees, stop stirring, soak it for six hours, remove the seeds, wrap it with a wet towel, place it in the shade, put it on the coolnessVentilation and temperature are germinated in an environment of about twenty -five degrees.Because there will be more germs on the surface of the pepper seeds, it is necessary to disinfect the pepper seeds when germination of pepper seeds.First of all, you need to choose the seeds of healthy growth, not suffering from pests, and then immerse them in potassium permanganate solutions, take it out ten minutes, and then soak them in copper sulfate solution for ten minutes.

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