How to save the wilting orange tree, how can the flower candle wither?

1. Watering: If you want to save the fast and withered orange trees, watering should be carried out according to the emotions of the soil, so that the water content of the soil reaches 75%. 2. Pruning: all the branches and leaves of the orange tree dry and yellow. 3. Fertilizer: 2-3 compound fertilizers for orange trees each year. 4. Change the soil: Replace the orange tree to replace the loose and fertile sandy loam.

How to save the wilting orange tree, how can the flower candle wither?

How to treat the fast withered orange tree

1. Management and watering

You need to save the fast and withered orange tree, you need to first first Finding the reason for its withered, most of the orange trees withered due to water shortage. You need to pour water in the place near its roots. The water rejuvenates its vitality.

2. Pruning plant

After the watering is not completed, the orange tree should be trimmed, the branches must be trimmed to a certain amount, and the completely withered branches and leaves should be cut off, and the completely withered branches and blades are cut, and the completely withered branches and leaves are cut. Tour the dry branches to the bud point to reduce the consumption of their nutrients and promote the new buds, and it can also increase the area of \u200b\u200blight to make it recover faster.

3. Management of fertilization

In addition to the orange tree due to the lack of water, it may also be caused by too little fertilization, which causes a large amount of nutrients, long -term, and severe malnutrition. It needs to be diluted for it in a timely manner, but after the fertilizer can only be diluted, a small amount of addition and release multiple times can be performed to avoid fertilizer damage.

4. Replace the soil

The soil of the orange tree needs to be replaced when necessary. When this plant is withered Or the phenomenon of severe saline and alkaliization of the soil needs to be replaced once to replace it with loose, fat, soft and breathable new soil.

Why did the orange trees curl leaves

1. Improper watering

The phenomenon of rolling leaves in the orange tree may be due to the excessive growth substrate where it is located. As a result of severe water shortage, its leaves do not have sufficient water supply, and they will gradually curl dry and dry. It needs to be replenished in time to water and water the water to ensure that the soil is moist.

2. Excessive air

Excessive air is also an important factor that causes rolling leaves in the orange tree. This plant is suitable for the warm and humid environment. At a low level for a long time, its leaves will have a large amount of water loss and severe dehydration, which will show signs of dryness and curling. It is necessary to spray water mist around the orange tree every three days to maintain the air humidity.

3, dyed aphid

Orange tree rolling leaves may also be due to the plants dyed aphidsThe volume of aphids is very small, and it is generally attached to the leaves of the plants and the back of the branches, showing the same shape of white rice grains. It will suck the juice of the plant, which will damage and dehydrate the branches and leaves. Essence Cut off the infected leaves of the orange tree, and then spray the medicine to it.

4. Erotic rot

The rotation of root rot can also lead to orange tree rolling leaves. The root of its roots will cause severe rotten phenomenon because of the hidden germs in the soil, so that the plants cannot draw water and nutrients, and the phenomenon of dry and dry leaves will occur. The soil should be replaced in the spring and autumn seasons every year and the root system is trimmed.

How to trim the orange tree

1. Technical formula

Do not cut it, cut the outside, cut the inside without cutting, the cutting is not weakened.

2. Explanation of the formula

A. Do not cut it and cut it.

Adult canopy, except for the dead branches and diseased and insect branches that must be cut off. Generally, green leaf branches should be cut off. The shading branches in the middle and upper part should be cut as little as possible in the middle and lower parts to keep the upper part of ventilation and light.

B. Do not cut the outside

The reason is above. Under normal circumstances, most of the green leaf branches are trimmed to cut off the branches of the crown. Inner bores only cut off dead branches, diseases and insect branches, and severe weak branches. Normal green leaf branches should not be cut as much as possible to maintain the largest leaf area in the inner bore.

C, cutting strong and not cutting weakness

In the upper peripheral sequence of the middle of the crown, usually everyone thinks that the moderate weak branches should be cut off, leaving strong branches. In fact, this is wrong. Stop strong branches, retain the golden mean, except for strong support, in order to control the prosperous nutrition growth, and focus the nutrients on the results of the men's branches to increase the output. When removing strong branches, special attention should be paid to removing the \"riding\" branches that are germinated by the latent buds on the main branches in time.

D. The shear hanging is not cut and warped

The update of the crown results, the result of the mother branch, and the result branch group must cut the weakened sagging (hanging) branches to retain the growth potential, capable of growth, capable Various branches on the branches that grow up and can get up.

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