The steps of breeding corn, the step of the corn

1. Soaking seeds: When planting corn, soak its seeds in warm water for 7-8 hours. 2. Fertilization of land: Follow the whole soil and apply rotten organic fertilizers. 3. Planting method: Sprinkle corn seeds on the surface of the soil, and then cover a layer of plastic film. 4. Following management: When the corn grows 5 true leaves, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer must be applied.

The steps of breeding corn, the step of the corn

How to plant corn

1. Waste seeds

When planting corn, you need to choose a full and insect -free seeds, then put in it Soak in warm water for 7-8 hours to absorb sufficient water, then lay corn in a basket equipped with a wet gauze, and then place the basket in an environment with a temperature of 30 ° C to promote the rapid germination of corn.

2. Fertilization of the whole land

Corn is suitable for growing in the soil with rich humus. When planting corn, you need to plow to the soil first and remove the weeds and broken roots in the soil to remove the soil. , Make it softer and breathable, and then apply rotten organic fertilizer or farmhouse fertilizer to the soil to provide the nutrients needed for growth.

3. Planting method

When planting corn, you need to sprinkle the seeds evenly on the surface of the soil, and then cover a layer of plastic film for insulation and moisturizing Cover the film around the film and avoid being blown away by the wind. After the corn is sprinkled, the film near the plant seedlings can be opened.

4. Following management

Corn requires sufficient nutrients during the growth process. When breeding corn, you need to apply 5 true leaves when the plant grows. The growth rate of corn is accelerated, and after the corn blooms, urea and calcium phosphate need to be applied to it to increase the production of the plant.

When can corn seeds be unearthed

1. It takes 5-7 days from sowing to unearthed corn seeds. If you want corn seeds to be unearthed quickly, you must choose 4- 4- Sowing in May, because the temperature at 5 cm of the land can stabilize above 10 ° C, which is conducive to improving the germination rate of corn seeds.

2. The corn is suitable for fertile and breathable soil. When planting corn, you need to use mechanical to plow for 30 cm of land to clean up the crushed rocks and roots to make the soil even more For softening and rotten farmhouse fertilizer and cake fertilizer to the soil, to promote the growth of corn.

Method of corn seed watering

Corn like water, but it is not resistant to waterlogging. If you want corn seeds to emerge quickly, watering should be watered according to the emotions of the soil. The drainage ditch, excreted the accumulation of water in the soil, and when the soil is more drought, it is necessary to immediately pour water for corn to make the seeds germinate quickly.

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