Tree planting technology, tree plant planting technology?

Tree cultivation technology: afforestation density, nursery management, cutting dry branches, and prevention and treatment of diseases and insects. The trees are not restricted by conditions and terrain and landforms. They can be concentrated in linked afforestation and stitching. On both sides of the ditch, ponds, streams, and streams, they can be planted behind the house. The planting density is different depending on the goals of the camp forest. Generally, the density of the afforestation is 1.5 meters spacing and the line spacing is 2 meters. About 200 plants per acre are appropriate. For the purpose of creating soil and water conservation forests and salary charcoal forests, it is advisable to take 330 to 660 plants per acre.

Tree planting technology, tree plant planting technology?

The construction of trees and forest land is easy to grow, affecting the growth of forests, in order to make the forest neat, strong growth, and improve the yield and quality of the woods. The necessary work of forest land treatment management must be carried out 1 or 2 times a year. In addition, the old trees of San Sheng and the Expenses must be intercepted in a timely manner to promote the drawing branches to increase the unit area of \u200b\u200bthe unit, and at the same time, it is also easy to collect leaf and leather.

Tree planting technology, tree plant planting technology?

Trimming according to needs when planting trees, leaving three strong growth and evenly distributed branches in the new branches as the main branch cultivation. All branches are removed, and the main branches selected in the end of autumn are light and short -cut. The following year, two branches are selected on the main branches to cultivate side branches. Side branches, such a basic tree type is formed.

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