How to raise the newly bought new jade,

The newly purchased new jade can prepare tide soil into the pot and place it in a shade. The maintenance method of the new jade dotted: the growth period of the new jade, water once every 3 to 10 days; the new jade dotted during the growing period, the thin liquid fertilizer of nitrogen -based is used every half month; Pindedness can make the jade tuber stout, and the leaves become tight and full.

How to raise the newly bought new jade,

Jade, aliases Green or half -ordinary green plants, plants drooping, emerald green. Leaves are small, juicy, spindle -shaped, dense, like the tail of the squid.

How to raise the newly bought new jade,

The reproduction method of jade embellishment

Branches: Cut the strong tender stems (branches), insert into the soil 1.5 cm in the soil 1.5 cm It can be used in direct insertion or oblique insertion, but it is advisable to cut the cuttings with oblique insertion. After insertion, the potting of the cuttings around the cuttings is compacted, and the root water is watered. After cutting, the leaves are not wilted or inferior, so you can continue to watch after cutting.

Leaf insertion: pick the leaves into the pot soil, insert the depth of about 1/3 of the leaves, compact the soil around the leaves, and soon can grow into small plants. The surface can also grow into small plants, and jade can be used for potted plants or bonsai.

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