Three characteristics of mimosa?

Flower characteristics, mimosa flowers are spherical, bright color, mostly light red; leaves are cage, mimosa leaves will be closed after being stimulated by mimetic leaves, and a slight sagging condition will occur. Power, the shrinkage speed is slower after the blades are stimulated.

1. Flower characteristics

Three characteristics of mimosa?

Mimosa's flowers are spherical, the flower shape is smaller and cute, the color is more bright and rich, and it is mostly light red. The bracts are linear, with 4 cracks in the bell -shaped corolla, with short and long hair on the outside. The flowers are single or 2 to 3.

2. Close the blade

Three characteristics of mimosa?

Mimosa leaves will close after being stimulated, which is the most significant feature. The surface will be closed, touched for a long time, and the petiole will also sag. After stopping the touch, the leaves will slowly open after a period of time. And the leaves and rainy leaves are also gathered.

3. Prediction of weather

Three characteristics of mimosa?

Mimosa also has the ability to predict the weather. Explain that it is about to rain or turn overcast.

4. Prediction of earthquake

Three characteristics of mimosa?

Mimosa leaves will also appear before the earthquake. Under normal circumstances If it is closed during the day, it means that the earthquake is coming. And a few hours before the earthquake, Mimosa also suddenly withered.

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