What should I do if I forget the yellow leaves?

When the leaves that do not forget me are yellow, the right medicine should be prescribed in time. If the temperature is too high, the plant is moved into a cool position to cultivate. In summer, spray water to cool down. Improper soil should be treated in time. Mainly, when the water is too much, the watering is stopped, and then the watering should be kept dry.

Remedial method for not forgetting the yellow leaves

1. Calling treatment

What should I do if I forget the yellow leaves?

It grows under the climate and is not resistant to high temperature. If the surrounding environment is high, it will cause the leaves of the leaves to lose water, and the leaves will gradually get yellow and wither. Middle maintenance to avoid high temperature burns. In summer, water spray should be used to cool down.

2. Change soil treatment

Do not forget to grow in loose and breathable slightly alkaline sandy soil. It will cause the root rot, and the leaves will be yellow and fall off. At this time, the root system should be taken out, remove the old soil, cut off the rotten roots and soak it in the disinfectant for a few minutes, and then re -prepare the soil and enter the basin for maintenance.

3. Reduce water

What should I do if I forget the yellow leaves?

Do not forget the high requirements for water, it can grow well in the dry substrate. If Too much watering will cause potting of the pot soil water, and the leaves will also yellow after the root system rot. At this time, the watering should be stopped, and the principle of watering should be kept after the watering. Watering is best to keep the pot soil.

4. Reduce fertilization

Do not forget the requirements for fertilizer during the growth period. If too much fertilization or the fertilizer is not diluted, the root burns will be caused The leaves will also gradually wither and wither. At this time, fertilization should be stopped, poured into water, pouring the soil treatment, and applied a thin compound fertilizer solution to the soil. After that, the fertilizer is mainly based on the diluted thin fertilizer.

5. Prevention of disease insects

What should I do if I forget the yellow leaves? When not forgotten and self -suffering from gray mold, powder and viral diseases, etc. The leaves will also become yellow and black. At this time, all the diseased plants on the plants should be cleaned up and strengthen the ventilation and ventilation of the surrounding. In severe cases, spray it with thin powder embroidery or thorough solution once a week.

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