What\'s the matter with succulent control and succulent control?

In fact, control is the method of regulating succulent breeding and growth environment. It needs to be carried out and reasonably combined with the growth conditions of the succulent itself. This allows the succulent growth to grow more beautiful and beautiful and increase ornamental. When controlling, you should choose a loose and fertile and well -drained soil to plant succulents. You can mix the flesh of the soil at a ratio of 2: 2: 3 in the ratio of rotten soil, cedar, and river sand to ensure that the breeding environment is good, and the temperature is best. Keeping at about 25 ° C, the temperature is too high or too low is not conducive to its growth.

What\'s the matter with succulent control and succulent control?

When breeding succulent, the succulent can not be placed in the shade environment for a long time. It should be guaranteed that it has sufficient light. It can be placed in a position with astigmatism. It is guaranteed that the daily light time is not less than 8 hours. In winter, it should be moved to the warm room to maintain, but it should also be placed in a lighting place.

Watering should be carried out in accordance with the principle of seeing dry and wet, and watering at a time should not cause stagnant water in the pot to prevent the plants from waterlogging. In the dormant period of the plant, the amount of watering should be controlled. Essence In the growth period of succulent, appropriate amount of fertilizers can be applied to help it grow.

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