How to save the cactus withering, what\'s going on with the cactus?

After the fairy palm is withered, it is necessary to immediately change the pots to trim the rotten part of the root, and replace the potting.After the fairy palm is replaced, it needs to be transferred to a ventilated and breathable environment for maintenance, and control the amount of watering. After a period of time, the cactus can be restored to grow, and then normal maintenance can be started.

How to save the cactus withering, what\'s going on with the cactus?

The maintenance method of the cactus

In the process of maintaining the immortal, it is necessary to provide it with a good ventilation living environment,And control the indoor temperature at about 25 ° C, and give appropriate astigmatism.In summer and winter, cooling and warmth measures must be taken to enable the cactus to grow and develop healthy.

Reasonable watering and fertilization are needed during the growth of the cactus. Each watering is required, the pot soil is required to be slightly moist.In addition, the appropriate amount of fertilizers should be applied to the cactus in the summer and autumn seasons. Thin liquid fertilizer can be applied every half a month, and fertilization can be stopped in other seasons.

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