How to grow a lot of meat, how to grow a lot of meat for Pinduoduo?

When planting succulent plants, rotten soil, vermiculite, and perlite can be mixed with a ratio of 2: 1: 1 to make nutrient soil as the substrate for cultivation. Disinfected scissors can be used when planting, and a well -growing branch is intercepted from the strong growing mother plant as a cuttings. After that, you can be inserted into the soil and transferred to the environment with sufficient light for maintenance.

How to grow a lot of meat, how to grow a lot of meat for Pinduoduo?

When planting succulent plants, you can prepare a sterilized sharp scissors to intercept a well -growing and disease -free branches from the top of the growing maternal plant as a cuttings, pruning After coming down, a multi -bacterial solution is sprayed under the succulent branches for sterilization and disinfection to avoid succulent plants from being infected with pests and insect pests.

Suitable for succulent plants is suitable for growing in environment with sufficient light. After planting, succulent plants need to be placed in bright lights for maintenance, accepting natural light all over the weather, so that succulent plants can grow strong. In addition, when the light is too strong, it is necessary to take a good shading measure for succulent plants to prevent succulent plants from being burned by strong light.

During the growth of succulent plants, it is necessary to ensure sufficient water. Watering can be watered according to the dryness of the soil to ensure that the soil is in a slightly humid state to avoid rotting the accumulated water in succulent plants. When fertilizing, the diluted liquid fertilizer can be applied every half month every half month to enable succulent plants to grow vigorously. In addition, sterilization agents need to be sprayed regularly to reduce the breeding of pests and insect pests, so that succulent plants can grow healthily.

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