Can the fleshy be cut down if it is too high?

The succulent is too high to cut it down. When cutting, pay attention to the disinfection scissors, because there are a lot of moisture in the succulent stems and leaves. The wound is dry for a long time. It is easy to infect bacteria and viruses, leading to succulent rot, and in severe cases, it will die. However, it cannot be planted directly. The cutting incision is wet. Planting directly may cause rot. The cutting incision should be disinfected and dipped in root powder. After drying the incision next to it, you can plant it.

Can the fleshy be cut down if it is too high?

Succulent plants refer to plants in three nutrients: the roots, stems, and leaves of plants are hypertrophy and juicy and have a large amount of water function. plant. It has at least one kind of meat tissue. This kind of organization is a living organization. Except for other functions, it can store water that can be available. It can temporarily survive the plants to temporarily get out of water supply from the outside world. According to rough statistics, there are more than 10,000 succulent plants in the world, which belongs to more than 100 subjects in classification, and succulent can also purify air.

Can the fleshy be cut down if it is too high?

Reproductive method

The reproduction of succulent plants is easier because its conidia is developed. Common methods include grafting, cuttings, sowing, roots, divisions, leaf plugs, and interception growth points. Among them, sowing and breeding are more common in the apricot family. ; Intercepting the growth point is most suitable for succulent plants with tile reeds; and grafted and reproduced the most in the cactus.

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