16 succulent plants suitable for novices, suitable for succulents for novices?

Succited succulents suitable for novices include black princes, Zi Lianhua, Thousand Buddhas, First Love, Beads, White Peony, Omels, Winter Beauty, Ji Haoyue, Ji Qiuli, Yellow Flower Cross, RainbowJade Butterfly, Black Master, Blue Stone Lotus, etc.There are many varieties of succulent plants. According to different water storage organs, they can be divided into chloroprosis, root succulents, stem succulent plants, and other plants.


Black Prince: The Black Prince is a perennial meat quality herbaceous plant with a genus Lotus, and the black prince is cool, dry and sunny environment and well -drainedSandy soil.


Zi Lianhua: Zizhi Lianhua is Sedima, Watson belongs to perennial meat quality herbs, native to Japan and Russia.Wet, grow rapidly in the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, and sleep in winter.


Thousands of bergamot: Thousand Buddhas, also known as Wang Yuzhu Curtain, Jiku Pill, are succulent plants of Jingtianke. The young plants are relatively short.Suitable for family potted plants.

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