Can a nine -tailed fox burst into the pot?

A nine -tailed fox is very good for maintenance, and it is easy to explode. It likes the sun and must ensure that the sun is sufficient. In fact, it is very afraid of direct sunlight, so if the weather is particularly hot, you can give Nine -tailed properly. The fox blocks the sun so that the leaves of the nine -tailed fox are burned. The nine -tailed fox can explode the pot, and the appropriate soil is the basic condition. It is more suitable to use loose and fertile, drainage and breathable granules, and can be mixed with peat soil, red jade soil and perlite. The bottom of the soil can also be added with an appropriate amount of base fertilizer to ensure sufficient nutrients.

Can a nine -tailed fox burst into the pot?

At the same time, the nine -tailed fox has a strong ability to adapt to temperature. It has a certain heat resistance ability and can tolerate a certain low temperature, but if you want the nine -tailed fox, if you want the nine -tailed fox In the burst of pots, the temperature must be controlled at about 20 degrees Celsius, the nine -tailed fox in summer, and the temperature should be less than 30 degrees Celsius. If it is too high, you must move the nine -tailed fox to a cool place. It is necessary to control above ten degrees Celsius.

Can a nine -tailed fox burst into the pot?

Reasonable water and fertilizer nourishment can make the nine -tailed fox burst faster. Watering should be based on the principle of not being poured and poured. The soil is wet, and it should be dry in winter. Monkey tail columns are not high in fertilizer, but the appropriate amount of fertilizer can naturally make it grow better. It can apply compound fertilizer once from February to March. Soil: It is not very high in soil, as long as it requires good breathability. Usually, waste honeycomb coal and rot leaf soil and perlite are used to plant, which will help plant growth.

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