The growth of succulents, observation diary for succulent plant growth?

There are four main stages of succulent plant growth. The first stage: the fleshy seeds starts to germinate, and it will grow more green seedlings; the second stage: start to grow leaves; the third stage: the color of the succulent color starts to change, there will be a gradient process; Four stages: succulent entering the maturity period.

The growth of succulents, observation diary for succulent plant growth?

1. Xiaomiao

At this time, the potting soil should be based on the peat soil that is beneficial to root. You can properly mix some pellet soil that is good for water retention and the diameter of not more than 3 mm. Note that if the granular soil is too large, it is difficult to grasp the small tender root of the fleshy seedlings.

For the watering of the seedlings, it is not suitable for the principle of \"drying through\". The favorite of the seedlings is the wet pot soil on the surface, so it is best to have a layer of particles on the surface. After watering, the surface layer will be dry quickly, so that the leaves will not be exposed to the wet pot soil for a long time. At the same time, the wet pot soil in the inner layer can allow the small seedlings to grow freely. The long -sized blades slowly changed back.

2. Successful plants

Succulent plants need to be strictly controlled during the normal growth process. Small pots and granular soil are used to evaporate the water faster after watering. At the same time, the root system of the flesh can be more breathable. If you want to control the best state, it is not enough to use the principle of \"dry and transparent\". You need to repeat the test. After the bottom of the meat at the bottom of the flesh becomes soft and wrinkled, it will be watered for a short period of time. Find out the limit of meat watering; as well as when watering, try not to pour it on the soil along the pot along the basin, the more dry the soil closer to the flesh, the more you can force the root of the meat to the surroundings around the surroundings. The expansion of the place with a lot of water, the root system will become in all directions for a long time. It should be noted here that even if it is watered around the wall of the pot, it must be poured through. If it is just shallow, the root of the flesh will become up.

The growth of succulents, observation diary for succulent plant growth?

3. Old piles

The old pile because of the degree of lignification is more difficult, it is difficult to get roots. Or turn over the pot. However, if the pot is not available, you can fill half of the flower pot with pot soil first, and then put the half of the meat pile on the top of the pile. A few wounds that can be exposed to the green part of the wound can be dried in order to take root and squeeze it with pure wheat rice granules. The stems buried with particles will also breathe without being dark.

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