What should I do if the Zixuan Moon Leaf is always?

Zixuan Moon Leaf is always stubborn because of lack of moisture, dry air, and too strong light. Solution: Supplement the appropriate amount of water and keep sufficient water in the soil. When the weather is dry, spray an appropriate amount of water on the surface of the plant with a spray kettle to keep the humidity. Place the plant in the semi -yin and ventilation to avoid direct light from the strong light.

What should I do if the Zixuan Moon Leaf is always?

It is good to expose and ventilate, Zixuan Moon Summer does not sleep at all, and it grows extremely quickly. Therefore, if you want to plant a good Zixuanyue, it is necessary to follow the ground. Zi Xuanyue blooms yellow flowers in late autumn, looks like small chrysanthemums, so it also has individual called \"Yellow Flower Crescent\".

What should I do if the Zixuan Moon Leaf is always?

Late autumn is the peak season of Zixuanyue's growth. If the plant is too saturated, you can cut the leaves, keep 3 to 4 leaves, wait for the wound to dry, insert or insert or insert or insert it or insert it or insert it or For half of the pot soil, the cuttings and matrix are sprayed with dampness to breed new plants without too much treatment. Summer season will be semi -dormant to reduce watering and do not fertilize.

Zixuanyue is also well cultivated alone. The growth rate is super fast. It will soon explode. When the sunshine is sufficient, it is very beautiful. Try to choose a larger flower.

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