Can the succulents grow in winter?

The succulents can be living in winter. In winter, you need to choose loose, fertile, and breathable soil. Before planting, you need to add an appropriate amount of bottom fertilizer to the soil. When planting succulents in winter, you must control the temperature and return. When the external temperature is too low, the plant grows poorly. Put in the warm indoor, and also need to control the temperature above 10 ° C, which is conducive to the succulent survival.

Can the succulents grow in winter?

The habit of succulent growth

Moral growth requirements have high moisture requirements, water must be supplemented in time during the growth period, and water is insufficient in plant growth. Bad, but the growth rate of plants in winter is slow, and the amount of watering needs to be controlled to avoid water accumulation, otherwise it will affect the growth of succulent. The time to water the succulent water in winter is generally at noon, and the water temperature of watering needs to be consistent with room temperature. Essence

Can the succulents grow in winter?

The fleshy growth rate in winter is slow, and fertilization needs to be stopped, and it needs to be maintained in an environment with sufficient light. You need to accept light more than 14 hours a day, and you can use the light to make up the light.

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