How to raise mountain roses in summer?

1. Soil: The roses of the meat mountains are suitable for loose, fertile and breathable soil. 2. Nutrition: The roses of the meat mountains are not high in nutrients. Apply an appropriate amount of bottom fertilizer in the soil before planting. 3. Water: Put the rose of the meat mountains every 3 to 5 days to keep the soil slightly moist. 4. Precautions: The long -term rose of the meat mountain can be added in moderation. The concentration of fertilizers should not be too high. Fertilization is needed in summer.

How to raise mountain roses in summer?

Introduction to the roses of Dujiang Mountains

The fleshy leaves of the Portrais Mountain Rose are arranged in a lotus seat. The differences between the leafy species and the growth environment varies from gray green, blue and green to emerald green. After the sun exposure, the leaves may show reddish -brown patterns.

The roses of the Monatoplastment are late spring to early summer, with total inflorescence and yellow flowers. As the seeds mature, the mother plant will gradually wither, but the side buds of the reliable plant base will continue the offspring.

How to raise mountain roses in summer?

The roses of Du Jie Mountain grow in the gaps and coniferous forests of the rocky gangs in the canyon and mountains, from July to August in the dormant period. During the dormant, the peripheral leaves withered, and the central leaves were tightened in roses.

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