Monthly family breeding method and precautions,

1. Soil: Monthly feasts, loose, breathable, and organic soil, you can choose humus soil, vermiculite, mixed preparation and use; Then you can; 3, fertilizer: The monthly feast is long, and the compound fertilizer can be applied once every 20 to 30 days.

Monthly family breeding method and precautions,

About Moon Banquet

Monthly Banquet, also known as the queen of the cliff, is affiliated to the belonging to the Cito Tongtong Tongtong. With underground stems, the leaves are densely densely dense, texture like velvet with a lot of white velvet; born on the top of the branch, several clusters are open, the flower cylinder is thin, 3 to 4 cm long, about 2 cm in diameter, the petals are slightly bent, orange is slightly bent, orange orange is slightly bent, orange orange Red or vermilion, with white fluff, open from spring to early summer, blooming the most from April to May. Passing powder from the wild in the wild.

Monthly family breeding method and precautions,

The main value of the monthly banquet

The monthly banquet is a very beautiful indoor plant that can enjoy flowers. Watching its orange flowers during the flowering period, usually appreciates its furry leaves, the slender pour hair on the leaves resembles animal fur, which makes people want to reach out to touch, plus the fat spheres that are exposed outside the soil. Add a little bit of beauty. Moreover, even for novices, it is also a succulent plant that is quite easy to grow. Of course, it can be added on the cake. If you do not have enough time to take care of it, it will grow silent you.

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