Do you need to water the meat leaves?

Multi -meat leaves do not require watering. If watering, soil is too humid, it will affect rooting and even cause the leaves to rot. Succulent plants are resistant to drought and waterlogging. No matter what stage of it, water cannot be accumulated in the soil. There are many types of succulents and strange shapes. In the landscape of the garden, a strong exotic atmosphere can be displayed, creating a beautiful garden art effect.

Do you need to water the meat leaves?

The steps of polycutic leaves:

1. Shake the fresh and mature blades and gently pick it up, not to destroy the growth point of the blade base.

2. Putting a flat basin into the medium, the surface needs to be paved.

Do you need to water the meat leaves?

3. Put the freshly picked leaves on the medium. Note: You can only be placed flat or obliquely on the wall of the pot. Do not insert the leaves into the soil, otherwise the leaves will rot.

4. Depending on the different varieties, the foundation part of the leaves will produce small buds after about 2 to 4 weeks. When the small buds grow the root or the small buds without leaves success.

Do you need to water the meat leaves?

5. Waiting for the mother and leaves is completely dry, and its nutrition can be removed after being absorbed by the new leaves. At this time, the young plant can be planted again.

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