Why do some plants shine: scientific analysis.

In the movie \"Avatar\", when the actor Jack first arrived at Pandora's planet, he was surrounded by many \"Hope Tree\" seeds like a glowing jellyfish. This is really a glowing plant world. The towering trees shining everywhere are shining everywhere, and the dazzling flowers and mushrooms are emitted at night ... all kinds of wonderful beauty, bringing people into a fantasy natural world. So, in reality, is there a plant that will glow at night? The answer is: Yes! A few years ago, many people saw several willow trees in Dandu County, Jiangsu (now Dantu District, Zhenjiang City)!

Why do some plants shine: scientific analysis.

Case 1:

There is a luminous tree in northern Africa. It becomes a fire tree silver flower as soon as it is night. At first, the local residents thought it was the incarnation of the demon, and was very scared, and no one dared to approach. People even call it a demon tree. But after a long time, people have not found any harm of this tree to people, and slowly like it. Nowadays, the residents there are intended to transplant it in the front yard in the front yard. It can be used as a street light. It can also be used to do things, or even read newspapers!

It is said that this kind of evergreen tree can not only shine at night, but also emit light during the day. Its light source is at the root of the tree. It has a large amount of phosphorus at the root of its roots. After becoming a phosphorurate tritenuity gas, run out of the tree. As soon as it encounters the oxygen in the air, it can release a cold light without heat or burning. The brightness of this phosphorus light is proportional to the size of the tree. The larger the tree, the more phosphorus, and the stronger the light emitted.

Why do some plants shine: scientific analysis.

Case 2:

There is also a tree that can shine in Jinggangshan area in my country. The locals call it \"lantern Tree\". It is an evergreen broad -leaved tree with a large amount of phosphorus in the leaves. Every night on a sunny night, the fluorescent of the trees is like a tens of millions of small lanterns hanging, and it is directed to the past pedestrian lighting.

Why do some plants shine: scientific analysis.

Case 3:

On the night of 1950, in the inland port of the former Soviet Union, Clazino In a laboratory of Dar, Electrician and photography enthusiast Xie Miao Miao Miao Miao Molydovich and his wife Waliankina are on the two similar leaves picked in the greenhouse of Moscow in the instrument he invented. , I found a strange glowing phenomenon and took photos.

Any creature seems to have this glowing phenomenon, but people's naked eyes cannot see it. Someone heard that they could show such strange energy on the film, and they came from the distant Moscow to find them, hoping to get such photos. The coming person took out two leaves from the bag and handed it to the Ko Lian couple. The couple of the Ke Lian were very moved and worked immediately until late at night. As a result, they told the guests disappointed that in a leafGet a clear and clear image on the top, and the other leaves only have blurred outlines. Surprisingly, the guests screamed in surprise: \"You have found it! You confirmed this phenomenon with photos!\" It turned out that these two leaves were taken from healthy plants, one was from the sick tree from the sick tree The picked on the surface, there is no difference on the surface, but the photos distinguish them.

In fact, the leaves that the leaves confirmed by the couple may not be the same. For hundreds of years, scientists have asserted that plants, like animals and the human body, have the energy field for thin film surfaces formed by sub -atom or plasma energy, which can penetrate the solids composed of molecules and atoms. Many people with unique inspirations attached to the outside of the creature or \"glory\", depicting the halo on the portrait of the ancient saints. Use a film or negative to connect to the subject, and then use a high -frequency spark generator to add 75,000 to 200000 Hz's electrical pulse to the object. The Korian couple photographed this kind of \"glory\" or similar things.

Ke Lian believes that the strange energy in his photos comes from \"the transformation of the unremarkable organisms to the band -charged organism, and the organism of the organism will be released on the film.\" Professor Vladimir Irisin of the former Soviet Union and his colleagues conducted in -depth research on Ke Lian's photos. They believe that this biological glow is not generated by the creature of the organism, but it is produced in the \"biological plasma ionic ionic ions body\". Although the movement of this biological plasma is extremely complicated, and it is not consistent with the energy movement mode of the organism, it is not a mess, but a complete and uniform organic body.

Former Soviet biophysicist Victor Ademanco did not attribute this phenomenon to \"biological plasma\". Cold radiation of electronic. American scientists refer to this \"electronic cold radiation\" as \"electro -discharge\", that is, corresponding to people walking on carpets and the common \"electrostatic discharge\" often seen in touching ground metals.

In the spring of 1972, at the first Ko Lianxiang and human glow conference in Manhattan, the United States, the photos presented by American scientists Mos and Johnson were stunned. They used Ke Lian's technology to take photos of the leaves before and after being injured by the knife: before the leaves were injured, the photos were blue and pink. After being injured, a blood -red energy flow in the center of the wound went straight.

American scientist William Tiller speculated that the rays and energy from the leaves may be a pre -substance that forms solid substances. He believes that it may be \"existing in another level of substance, which produces a comprehensive diffraction diagram of the leaves, that is, the relevant energy structure, which is the power field that constitutes a substance to form an object grid.\"

1873 In March of the year, at the second Ke Lian photo conference held in New York, Greek scientists announced that he could see the glory surrounded by plants, animals and people with the naked eye, and showed the details he painted.Filled in the image.He cooperated with another scholar to show that a person shouted 1.5 meters away from a chrysanthemum. As a result, the energy field of the chrysanthemum contracted significantly and lost its blue luster.If the patient shouted two hours a day from 1 meter away from a healthy plant, the result was that the leaves below it dropped first. Three days later, the branches withered and died soon.Therefore, he believes that the energy field of plants is seriously affected by patients with disorder.

For the glowing phenomenon of plants, whether it is phosphorus or the light of animals, it is still in the exploration stage, and many problems are mysterious.

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