How to breed dogwood,

Soil, breeding of breeding, can make rotten soil, garden soil, and river sand soil into a cultivated substrate; a warm environment must control the ambient temperature between 20-30 ° C during the growth period of the dogwood. Later, it is necessary to transfer it to the room in time for maintenance; light, when the summer light is too strong, you need to build a layer of shading net above the dogwood, and the light can be given throughout the weather in the three seasons of spring and autumn and winter.

1. Soil

How to breed dogwood,

During the growth period, dogwood requirements have higher requirements for soil, suitable for growth in the organic matter content of organic matter, strong drainage and breathability In the soil, when equipped with soil, it can be mixed with rotten soil, garden, and river sand soil into a cultivation substrate, and mixed with appropriate amount of gravel to improve the drainability of the pot soil. The iron sulfate solution makes the soil slightly acidic.

2. The warm environment

How to breed dogwood,

The dogwood is suitable for growing in a warm environment. During daily maintenance, the ambient temperature can be controlled at 20-30 ° C. In addition, when the temperature is higher than 35 ° C, it is necessary to spray water to moisturize around the leaves. In addition, the dogwood has a strong cold resistance, which can tolerate the low temperature of -18 ° C, and can overwinter in the land in winter.

3. Light conditions

How to breed dogwood,

Dogwood demand for light during growth, but it is not resistant to the direct light of light. A layer of shading nets need to be built above the dogwood to weaken the intensity of light. In the three seasons of spring and autumn and winter, the dogwood can be placed in a bright light environment, giving all weather light, so that the dogwood can smoothly bloom and results.

4. Water and fertilizer management

How to breed dogwood,

Dogwood has a certain drought tolerance, only 3 times of water during breeding. The second time is after the result, and the third time is before the winter, so that it can spend the winter safely. You can wait until the soil is dry at other times and then moisturize appropriately. In addition, 0.1%boron solution must be sprayed on the leaves in mid -April and the results period to supplement nutrition.

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