The most beautiful fruits in the world: Maybe you have eaten it.

Litchi (scientific name: LITCHI CHINENSIS), also known as Li Zhi and Danli, is a subtropical fruit tree produced in southern China. It was planted in the three centuries BC, and Bai Juyi once said that it \"Between Shengba Gorge, the tree -shaped group is like an enchantment ... Real like Dan, Xia Ci; ;

The most beautiful fruits in the world: Maybe you have eaten it.

lychee is the most delicious fruit in the world. It has a high requirements for fresh -keeping, so low -temperature transportation is generally used. There are also some express companies to open aviation transportation to meet customers' needs for fresh litchi. However, the taste and freshness of litchi after freshness are far less than fresh.

There are more than 100 lychee varieties, and the famous ones are black leaves, white wax, longan, glutinous rice tadpoles, large lotus bags, concubine laughter, no nuclear lymi, etc. Most of them are distributed in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and other provinces. When it comes to litchi, it is remembered the famous poems of the ancients \"300 litchi in the sun, and the long -lasting Lingnan people\" and \"one riding a red dust concubine laughed, no one knows that it is lychee\". It can be seen that litchi is indeed a great fruit.

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