The oldest lychee tree in the world: lymace.

In Putian County, Fujian, my country, there is an ancient litchi tree planted in the Tang Dynasty, named \"Song Jiaxiang\", which is already over 1,200. But this old tree is still angry, the leaves are lush, and the fruit is full of fruit. It is not only the oldest lychee tree, but also the rare old -age fruit tree in the world.

The oldest lychee tree in the world: lymace.

Song Jiaxiang was planted in Tang Tianbao (AD 742-756), and it has been more than 1200 years old. According to the four years of Song Jiayou (1059), Cai Xiang's \"Litchi Spectrum\" recorded: \"Song Gongli, the tree is extremely tall, and its tree is 300 years old.\" It can be calculated.

In this long years, \"Song Jiaxiang\" has undergone the destruction and test of severe cold, hurricane, and fire. \"Song Jiaxiang\" is different from ordinary lym trees. Its leaf edge is slightly dental from one -third of the tip of the tip. According to legend, the Huang Chao soldiers in the Tang Dynasty were salary when they passed Putian. When a soldier cut \"Song Jiaxiang\", the owner of the tree was anxious to stop and to ask for free. The soldier left because he stopped. Mark of.

Now, this tree has two main trunks, each of which is more than 1 meter long. The tree is 6.4 meters high. The diameter of the canopy, 8.9 meters north -south, 7.17 meters in the east and west directions, covering more than 60 square meters on the ground. Generally, the year of the scene can pick more than 100 pounds of lychee, and the annual yield can be collected more than 350 pounds. It is really old -fashioned.

The oldest lychee tree in the world: lymace.

\"Song Jiaxiang\" is known for its excellent fruit quality. Its peel is bright red, thin and crispy, and the single fruit weighs 12-14 grams. It tastes crispy and smooth, sweet and delicious. After analysis, the pulp contains 12.15 % sugar, 0.9 % of fruit acid, and a large number of maintenance C. The quality of the fruit is better than all other varieties.

\"Song Jiaxiang\" Guli, not only well -known in China, but also high evaluation in Europe and the United States. In 1903 and 1906, the American missionary Pulu took away the saplings from Putian twice, succeeded in trial planting in Florida, USA, and promoted to states in the south, Brazil, Cuba and other places. After the passes of Litchi in my country to the United States, it was welcomed by the American people, calling it \"the king of fruit\" and \"the queen of the fruit\". Now the lychee planted by the United States and other countries can be said to be the descendants of the \"Song Jiaxiang\". It is a long history of gardening science, excellent technology, and living specimens of cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign cultural sciences.

\"Song Jiaxiang\" is an ancient litchi that has been full of wind and frost. This lychee is the oldest existing litchi on the Putian land. It is the famous \"Song Jiaxiang\". So far, Guli is still lush. Every year in the middle of the spring and March, it will be pumped and flowers. \"Song Jiaxiang\", the millennium ancient li, has been listed as a key cultural relics in Putian County, Fujian Province.

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