The most expensive plant spices: red flowers.

The most expensive plant spices: red flowers.

Fan Red Flower is considered the most expensive spice in the world because the whole flower is only available in pistils. Each flower has 3 pistils, and about 200 flowers can be collected. After receiving 1 gram of pistils, the annual output of a family farm is only 3 to 4 kg. The safflower period is only once every October, and it must be harvested quickly when blooming. The entire picking and baking process must be carried out, so it is expensive.

The most expensive plant spices: red flowers.

Fan Red Flower has the other names of saffron and western red flowers. The English name is Saffron, and the Latin scholarship is called Crocus Sativus. The saffron actually refers to the dark red stigma at the top of the three pistils in each saffron. Native to West Asia, the Arabs passed on to Spain by the Arabs, and now the saffron produced in Spain accounts for the world's largest proportion.

Fan safflower can be used for medical, fragrant, dyes and consumption. Spanish seafood rice and Marseille Soup are classic dishes of safflower. The strong and unique aroma can be cured, and at the same time, add golden yellow to the dishes. However, pay attention to the use of saffron, you must cook the aroma after cooking, and you can lock the color when adding a little avocado.

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