The biggest flower: (can weigh 11 kg).

The biggest flower: (can weigh 11 kg).

The biggest flower: the king flower (weighing 11 kg) In the tropical forest in Sumatra, Indonesia, a very strange plant grows. Its name is Dahuacao, known as The world's largest flower. This parasitic plant has the largest flower in the plant world. It only blooms a flower in its life. The flowers can grow to 3 feet in diameter, the maximum diameter can reach 1.4 meters, and the heavier quality can reach 25 pounds, which is 10 kg. Arnold has a lot of flowers and colorful colors. The spots on it make it look like adolescent children with acne faces. This plant not only has huge flowers, but also a strange place is that it has no stems and leaves. It exudes irritating and stinky smell, which can attract the smelling insect to spread powder for it. There is a hole in the middle of this flower that can take 6 or 7 boasting water. It is also called \"King Flowers\" and \"Overlord Flowers\". This kind of flower has 5 large and thick petals, the entire corolla is bright red, a bit of white spots on it, about 30 cm per piece, and only 6-7 kg in the petals, so it looks gorgeous and spectacular. Flower heart is like a basin, which can flourish 7-8 kg of water, which is the world's \"Flower\". Fortunately, people can also discover such parasites in Sumatra and Borneo in Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia.

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