The most poisonous tree.

See the blood sealing throat, also known as arrow poisonous wood, mulberry, see the blood sealed throat plant. The tree can be 40 meters high, blooming in spring and summer, and red fruits like pear -like pears in autumn, which becomes purple and black when mature. This fruit tastes extremely bitter, contains toxins, and cannot be eaten. India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia are all distributed, and China is distributed in Xishuangna and Hainan, Hainan. The blood -sealing throat tree is white, but it is extremely poisonous. When you see the blood, it is terrible. It is the most poisonous tree in the world. The sap has a strong heart, and the national secondary protection of rare species.

The most poisonous tree.

In the middle of the 19th century, the British colonial army invaded the Malay Islands, and the local natives struggled to resist. When the arrow died, the death and injury were heavy, so that the arrow was murdered. What are the powerful poisons on the native arrows? It is the most poisonous tree in the world to see the milk of the blood -sealing throat.

In fact, this kind of tree is not as terrible as legendary. Director Liu said that even if ordinary people come into contact with this poison, they will not be poisoned immediately, and the poison of this tree is different at different temperatures and humidity, and its juice has different viscosity. When the humidity is heavier, the poison of the leaves is like water, and the toxicity is not large. If the humidity is light, its juice is relatively strong, so that the toxicity is relatively large.

How is the poisonous tree poisoning? Director Liu explained that this milky juice contains a variety of toxic substances such as crossbowblycoside and blood sealed laryngealides. When these poison juice enters the human body from the wound, when it is accompanied by an alkaline juice, it will cause muscle relaxation, blood coagulation, and slow heartbeat, and finally causes the heartbeat to stop and die. If people accidentally eat it, their hearts will be paralyzed, so that they will stop beating. If the milk splashes into the eyes, the eyes will be blind. Therefore, the hunter uses this poisonous milk to make poisoned arrows as hunting weapons. Large animals hit, regardless of the serious injury, will only jump a few times and die.

The most poisonous tree.

In the study, poisonous trees have important medicinal and use value.

\"Seeing the blood -sealing throat\" is useless except to the toxic effect? Of course not, experts tell us that its toxins can not only be used for unique drugs, but their bark fibers can also make beautiful clothes!

First of all, its medicinal value, medical experts extract the effective ingredients in leaf milk, the mechanism of toxin is mainly manifested in the treatment of hypertension and heart disease. Among the women of the Dai people, they also use this poisonous juice to treat mastitis. At present, more medicinal value is still under further research.

In addition to medicinal use, the bark of \"poisonous trees\" also has another wonderful use. According to Zhu Hongxiang, the director of the West Shuangbanna Heroes Rain Forest Museum, in Yunnan, the Dai and the Kino people can use it for tree blankets, mattress pads and clothes. They beat the bark repeatedly with a wooden stick to make the barkFiber and wood are separated, and then the bark fiber is soaked for about a month. The purpose of this is to remove the toxicity, and then this slender fiber becomes soft and elastic.

\"It is comfortable and durable with the tree blankets and mattresses made of it, and it is no problem to sleep for decades. The clothes and skirts made by it are both soft and warm.\"The expression.In the botanical garden, the reporter also saw such fiber clothes.This set of clothes is a fibrous character -milky white.Director Liu said that in Yunnan, people dyed this kind of clothes into a variety of colors and beautiful.But now few people wear this kind of clothes. Only on the grand holiday of the Kano people, the Keino people put it on.

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