Experts said: \\\"Plant Viagra\\\" Maca\'s so -called \\\"improvement of sexual function\\\" lacks basis.

Experts said: \\"Plant Viagra\\" Maca\'s so -called \\"improvement of sexual function\\" lacks basis.

In recent years, a plant product named \"Maca\" appeared beside us and quietly became popular. This kind of Cross Flower Flower from South American Peru was named \"Aphrodisiac Saint\" by merchants. When people talked about it at the dining table, they always smiled with a clear but mysterious smile. Unlike many health care products, Maca takes \"improvement of sexual ability\" as the main selling point, known as \"one small bag every day, 3 hours of effective results\", \"take 10 days to enhance physical resistance and fatigue, improve sleep quality\", \"take 30 days, energy energy, energy energy Strong, improving fertility \"...

What is Maca? Can it really improve sexual function? Many experts say that the saying of\" improving sexual function \"in Maca lacks basis.

Market chaos

The hot sales declared that it can enhance sexual function beauty and beauty

Experts said: \\"Plant Viagra\\" Maca\'s so -called \\"improvement of sexual function\\" lacks basis.

Maca in the market What is the sales situation? A few days ago, the reporter visited a number of Shang Chao and local products sales stores and pharmacies in Jinan found that many stores put Maca in a prominent position. Depending on the quality, the price is between 500 yuan and 3,000 yuan per catty. In addition, some Maca wine and Marcaine fines such as Maca are also sold well. Pharmacy salespersons told reporters that since last year, more and more people have asked Maca, and many buyers are \"returning customers.\" Because this thing is rumored to be \"Plant Viagra\" and has improved health effects such as immunity, it is favored by many men.

On the Internet, Maca's sales are even more popular. On Taobao, the reporter searched for the keyword \"Maca\", with 55,900 related baby, the price is diverse, and 60 grains of self -proclaimed \"Peru raw materials Heima coffee wholesale\", the price is only 3 yuan; Genuine male adult Maca fine film \", 5999 yuan 60 pieces. The best selling on the Internet is a Maca product of about 100 yuan, such as \"Buy 2 Give 1 Genuine Peru Maca Symphony\" 88 yuan, with a monthly sales of nearly 20,000 strokes; \"concentrated Black Maca\" with a price of 89 yuan, monthly monthly, monthly The sales volume is also over 10,000. Each merchant basically promotes that Maca is not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also improves the functions of improving sleep, improving memory, improving immunity, and regulating endocrine. Ability \"this is the most attractive eye.

The customer service of a Maca specialty store in Jinan told reporters, \"The Maca we sell has a good effect on enhancing sexual functions and improving sperm quality.\" Customer service said that Maca not only improves male sexual ability to improve male sexual ability, With help, women can also detoxify beauty and beauty. Some merchants claim that it can \"quickly improve male sexual desires, a small bag every day, 3 hours of results, treatment infertility\" and so on.

Previous life

Just a new fundSource food cannot promote medicinal value

Experts said: \\"Plant Viagra\\" Maca\'s so -called \\"improvement of sexual function\\" lacks basis. What exactly is Maca? It is understood that Maca, also known as Maca, is native to 3500-4500 meters above sea level. A Cross Flower Flagian plant in the South American Andes belongs to the same family as radish, mainly distributed in the Peruvian region. It was originally one of the Foods of the Incas. The original shape of Maca looks a bit similar to the radish. There is a ball -shaped head with dense leaves on it, and a long root extended to the bottom. Through post -processing, the merchant or dried it to sliced \u200b\u200btea, or grind into powder for capsules.

In 1961, Biologist Gloria Chacon first announced the research results of Maca for the first time and received great attention from the industry. In 1992, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization Roman Declaration used Maca as a rare nutritional supplementary agent to the world. But Maca has only entered Chinese history for more than 10 years. The Ministry of Health of China officially approved it to enter China in 2002, and approved the national \"new resource food\" in 2011. The so -called new resource food refers to the newly developed, new discovery, and newly introduced unparalleled habits in my country. It meets the basic requirements of food and is non -toxic and harmless to the human body, such as ginseng and aloe.

Although the pure maca is just a kind of food, will the macaine after processing be a aphrodisiac health food? The answer is no. Among the specific health food functions that are currently allowed to register in my country, 27 items such as enhancing immunity, assisting blood lipids, and weight loss are included, and do not include kidney and aphrodisiac, promoting blood circulation, qi solid, nourishing yin and aphrodisiac, nourishing kidneys, nourishing kidneys Yang, aphrodisiac and kidney related functions. The State Food and Drug Administration has also publicly reminded consumers not to buy health foods claiming to have aphrodisiac function. In other words, when the merchants are promoting Maca, if they use the words similar to \"aphrodisiac health products\", they are exaggerated propaganda and will not be allowed.

The industry says

Matthew the aphrodisiac said that the lack of the short -term results may be added to add illegal products

Is it really a magical \"aphrodisiac\" effect to take Maca? Shi Jun, a member of the member and a Ph.D. in Botanical, believes that the main component of Maca is carbohydrates, similar to Man Jing. \"There is no evidence that this thing is related to improving sexual function, and the glucose isteriocyanate contained in it may cause thyroid disease when the iodine intake is insufficient.\"

National first -level nutritionist Wang Weqing believes that the quality of Maca's health products is uneven, and some low -priced Maca products may be added with other ingredients. If consumers have significantly improved the sexual function of Maca's health care products, they need to be alert to whether the products they purchase have added prohibited products. \"Some merchants add a relatively inferior Viagra powder to the Maca powder. After eating, they can be effective soon, and some add stimulants in Maca.\"

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