Revisit 50 songs named in the name of flowers, which song has your memories.

Flowers are probably the most beautiful gifts in nature.

Large and small, colorful,

Either light or thick, or elegant or charm,

It has its own style and a world.

If each flower has a song

Which song in the name of the flower is your story?

Are you like that song, is the mood when listening to the song, or is you listening to the song?

Which one has moved you in the following 50 songs?

Revisit 50 songs named in the name of flowers, which song has your memories.

Chrysanthemum Table/Jay Chou

The intersection of the Phoenix Flower Kaikai/Lin Zhixuan

Red (White) Rose/Eason Chan

Gardenia Flower Poster/He Yan

[ 123]

Sakura Dance/Cao Xuanbin

Hibiscus flower/Yuan Quan [ 123]

Dandelion agreement/Jay Chou

[ [


123] Blue Lotus/Xu Wei

Rose/Xiao Yaxuan


Flower on the other side/Faye Wong

Wild Rose/Dai Penny

[ 123]

Wild Rose/Fan Yichen

Perfume lily/Xu Huixin

123] Rose Rose I love you/Huang Ling

Crying Lily/Sun Yue

Still open/Meng Tingwei

The funeral of the rose/Xu Song

Wooden Hua Hua is waiting/Xiao Huangqi [ 123]

Yimei/Fei Yuqing

Wild lily also has spring/Liu Xijun

Lu Lu Binghua/Zhen Ni

Plum Blossom San Nong/Dong Zhen

Apple flower/Chen Shanni

Jasmine/Mo Wenwei

Wild Chrysanthemum/Huang Zheng

The Love of Rose/Lin Yilian

Peach blossoming/Aiu [123 ]

999 roses/邰 Zhengxiao

Lilac Flower/Tang Lei

[123 ] Rain Sakura/Feier Orchestra

Butterfly Flower/Mizuki Nianhua

铿 Rose/Tian Zhen [ 123]

Sakura grass/Sweet

osmanthus fragrance/seven combinations

] Lily Flower/Dragon Meizi

Orchid grass/Liu Wenzheng

Mountain Camellia/Teresa Teng [ 123]

You are my rose/Pang Long

There is a flower you like

Is there a song you love to listen to [ 123] Let's tell Xiaoshi your favorite song

or that story

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