The favor of office groups-air pineapple.

Air pineapple (or empty phoenix) is the only plant on the earth that is completely born in the air. It can grow lush without soil and can bloom bright flowers.They have a variety of varieties and different forms. They can both appreciate leaves and flowers. They have the advantages of good decorative effect and strong adaptability.

The favor of office groups-air pineapple.

This kind of air pineapple that can grow in the air was originally called Songluo Pineapple.This silver -gray flower can grow directly in the air, and it is a gas plant without any soil and other cultivation substrates.In addition, its daily maintenance is very convenient and simple. Spray it in a few days to keep the proper air humidity.

The favor of office groups-air pineapple.

Due to high ornamental value, coupled with relatively clean and easy care, it is the first choice of greening rooms and environment in busy fast -fast life, so in recent yearsThere are more and more flowers farming enthusiasts growing air pineapples, and they are now favored by the office clan.

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