8 kinds of flowers you may know, but not necessarily the story.

The plants on the earth are the darlings of real nature. Each plant has a beautiful legend that belongs to them. There is a beautiful story behind each legend. How much do you know? Stop your footsteps and listen carefully to this touch!

1. Flower on the other side -The flowers of love · The other side of the flowers bloom on the other side, the flowers bloom without leaves, and the leaves have no flowers.


Legend that a long time ago, the edges of the city were full of large -scale flowers on the other side of the other side of Manzhu and Shahua. They are two fairy that guards the other shore, one is called Manzhu, and the other is the Ye demon called Shahua. They have been waiting for the other side of the other bank for thousands of years, but they have never seen each other, because when the flowers bloom, the leaves cannot be seen when the flowers bloom, the flowers can not be seen when there are leaves, and the flowers and leaves do not meet each other. They missed each other crazy and tortured by this pain.

Finally, one day, they decided to secretly meet with God's rules. That year, the red and gorgeous flowers of Manzusha were set off in the eyes, and it was beautiful and beautiful. In the end, the monster was crime, which was also expected. Manzhu and Shahua were beaten into reincarnation, and they could never be together, and they were suffering in the world.

Since then, Manjushahua is also called the other side of the flowers, which means that the flowers that are open in heaven are like a palm that only prayed to heaven, but it has never appeared in the city. This kind of flower is blooming on Huangquan Road. Every time Manzhu and Shahua reincarnate can think of the scent of the other shore flowers on the Huangquan Road, and then vowed not to be separated, and then fell into the reincarnation of the curse in the next life.

2. Lotus -The innocence, firmness and purity.


According to legend, the lotus is a beautiful maid next to the queen mother -Yu Ji. Yu Ji saw both the world's right right, and the male plowing and women were very envious. Therefore, he moved the heart of Fanxin. He stole the palace with the company of the river god and came to the bank of Xizi Lake in Hangzhou.

The beautiful scenery of the West Lake made Yu Ji lingering back, playing in the lake, and dawn was reluctant to leave. After the mother -in -law knew, she used the lotus throne to hit Yu Ji into the lake, and let her \"into the mud, and she would never be ascend to the south.\" Since then, there is a beautiful maid in Tiangong, and there is a flower of jade muscle water in the world.

3. Cherry blossoms —— No other love except you.


Legend that cherry blossoms are the embodiment of the sad love of the goddess of Greece. There was an unspeakable goddess Mizusawa fell in love with a handsome young man, but the young man surrounded a group of admirables. The unable to speak, the goddess Shuizawa couldn't express love, and could only watch him leave in the distance.

Just thisOn the day after day, the life of the goddess Shuizawa gradually disappeared. Although she lost her life, her love continued to wait for this young man affectionately. So, in the place where she died, a cute little flower grew, this is the cherry blossom grass.

4. Twin flowers -The brutal love · love each other.


In the legend, a kind of white and beautiful flowers in the darkness, the taste is humid and fragrant but full of confusion. Love each other on a stalk, but also fight for each other, the struggle is more than. Use the deepest damage to express the most deep love until death. It was even willing to kill each other because when any party died, the other party was quietly rotten.

The twin flowers, a two gorgeous, blooming. In the end, a glamorous and losing dying. This is a kind of helplessness and a kind of fate. Perhaps it and it do not want to, just in the entanglement between day and night, an inadvertent ending, all things in the world are so cruel.

5. Tu Yanhua -The beauty of the end of the road to Tuyehua, dusty, how much knows?


Tuye is the last flower blooming in summer. When it opens, it means the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. \"Tu Yan does not fight for spring, loneliness is the latest.\" In the poem of Wang Qi's \"Spring Twilight Park\" in the Song Dynasty, it said: ——It after the tutorial, spring is no longer.

The youth representing the woman's youth has passed. The flowers bloom, indicating the end of feelings. To love, the most brilliant, prosperous, or most unforgettable love in life is about to lose.

6. Lavender —— Waiting for love.


According to legend, a long time ago, the angel fell in love with a golden woman named Lavender. Leave her first tears for her, and her wings fall off for her. Although the angels endure the pain every day, they are still very happy.

You are very happy and short. The angel was caught back to the kingdom of heaven and deleted the happy time he and the lavender. Go accompany his beloved girl. And he was still waiting for him to come back stupidly, only the butterfly who accompanied her.

Waiting in the garden where the angel left day and night, and finally turned into a small grass. Flowers of lilac will be bloomed every year. They flew to all places and looked for the angels who were degraded.

7. Wisteria flowers —— Perseverance and love for love.


There is a beautiful girl who wants a period of love, so she prays to the red in the sky every day. Finally, the red moon was moved by the girl's devotion. In her dream, he said to her: \"When the spring arrives,In the small woods in the back mountain, she will meet a white man, that is the relationship she wants. \"

The girl accidentally bit her ankle when she was waiting, and was very scared in her heart. At this time, the man in white appeared, and he stepped forward to help her suck out the ankle and was bitten by a snake by a snake. After the poisonous blood, the girl fell in love with him since then. But the man in white in white was poor, and their marriage was opposed by the parents of the woman. In the end, the two people in love both jumped the cliff.

Later A tree grew on the edge of their ruthless cliffs, and there was a vine entangled on the tree, and a flower pendant was bloomed, and the purple was blue, and the later generations were called the vine. The flowers are wisteria flowers. Wisteria flowers need to be entangled with trees. They cannot survive alone. Some people say that the girl is the incarnation of the wisteria, the tree is the incarnation of a man in white. 123]

8. Launani Tree

-The love of the sad laurel crowns.

kinds The sun god Apollo fell in love with Daphne, he kneeling kneeling In front of Daphne, to talk to her with heart, Apollo's hand just touched the body of Fast, and Daphne began to become a laurel tree. Apollo looked at the laurel tree that Daphne became turned into a laurel. The corolla is worn on the head and masturbates and pity. The laurel tree is fragrant, the night is in love with the moonlight, and the light of the golden Apollo is not as good as Daphne's bravery. No kind of love can be above freedom.


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