Plant mouth: Plants are eaten by root hair.

Do plants also have mouths? Of course, if the plant has no mouth, how can a small seed grow into a towering tree? So why not see it? One reason is that the mouth of the plant is very cheese, which is thousands of times a little less than the cherry mouth. The other reason is that the mouth of the plant is hidden underground, and it is naturally difficult to see.

Plant mouth: Plants are eaten by root hair.

In 1648, Belgian scientist Haiermont planted a 2.5 kg of willow seedlings into a barrel, and the barrel was called the soil that had been called in advance. After that, he only poured the saplings with pure rain. In order to prevent the dust from falling in, he also made a bucket cover. Five years have passed, and the willow has gradually grown up. After weighing, he was surprised to find that the weight of the willow was increased by more than 80 kg, and the soil was reduced by less than 100 grams.

So where is the reduction of 100 grams of soil? Obviously, it was eaten by plants for its own growth.

The roots of the plant live in the soil, and the plants are eaten by the roots. So which part of the roots is eaten? Plants are eaten by the root hair of the root hair area.

Root hair is a special structure produced by the outer cells of the root hair area, that is, the epidermal cells, which are generated by the ends of the epidermal cells ending at the tip of the young root.

What does the root look look like? Put it under the microscope and see it, it is like a closed bottle closed from the outer end of the outer wall.

The length of the root hair is from 0.15 mm to 1 cm, and the diameter is several millimeters. On the absorbing epidermis that forms the root hair, a layer of adhesive substance can stick the root hair and soil together. This is because the root hair wall of many plants contains a kind of glue, so if a seedlings are made from the soil from the soil When you pull it out, you often see the soil tightly wrapped in the root hair.

So how many hairs are there on the root of the plant? Multiple poles, there are hundreds of hair on each square millimeter, and some can reach more than 2,000.

Each root hair is equivalent to a mouth. This mouth is strange, so it is special to eat things.

Generally speaking, the water consumed by a corn from emergence to strong must be more than 400 catties; it is necessary to produce 1 ton of wheat seeds, and the plant requires more than 1,000 tons of water, so how to enter the plant body in the plant body What about it?

The plant is relied on, which is precisely based on root hair, sucking water in the soil like a straw, but this is not the same as the baby sucking breast milk, because the power of the baby sucks the infant itself, the root hair sucks sucking The power of the power from two aspects: When the concentration of the cell liquid in the root is different from the concentration of water in the soil, and the concentration of the cell liquid must be greater than the concentration of the soil solution, the root hair can successfully absorb the water into the cells and enter the plant to enter the plant body. Otherwise, there will be the opposite situation. While the plants get water, they also get dissolved in the waterInorganic salts and organic matter to ensure the needs of plant life activities.

See, of course, the strange mouth is also different. It relies on the power of the concentration or the power of the root pressure to suck water into the body.(Source: Plant Encyclopedia)

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