How to change the pot in Hongzhiyu?

First of all, the pots of pots are selected, and pottery pots with drainage holes can be selected at the bottom. The second is the root of the pot, first loosen the pot soil and then remove the plant, trim the damaged roots, rotten roots and corruption. After drying the wound in the cool and ventilated place, you can plant the plant upright. After filling the soil, you need to place it in the astigmatism.

1. Select pots with soil

How to change the pot in Hongzhiyu?

There are many different types of flower pots on the market. You can choose your favorite flower pots and breed the rainbow according to your own needs. The jade usually chooses a pottery pot with drainage holes at the bottom, which has good permeability. The soil can be configured by itself, mixing the peat soil with the granular soil, which can enhance the breathability and water seepage of the soil.

2. Repairing root

How to change the pot in Hongzhiyu?

The method of removing the pot is very important. Remember not to directly pull the plants from the flower pot violently, and the lightness will be pulled lightly if it is light. Broken root system, the stalk is damaged. You can use tools such as small shovel to loosen the pot soil to confirm that the soil ball and the flower pot are separated and then removed the plant to minimize the damage as much as possible. If you have damaged roots, rotten roots or corruption, it should be cut in time to avoid affecting the survival of the plant.

3. Reconstruction treatment

How to change the pot in Hongzhiyu?

After trimming the bad root system, the wound will be left, and even juice may be exuded from the wound, it is not appropriate to plant it immediately. Plants need to be placed in a cool and ventilated place, confirmed that the wound is completely dry, and then re -planting to reduce the chance of wound infection. It can also help transplanting plants to serve the pots as soon as possible.

4, the maintenance of the basin

How to change the pot in Hongzhiyu?

First fill in a part of the soil in the flower pot, accounting for about one -third of the flower pot volume, and then will then be Plants are upright in the center of the flower pot. After that, the plant is filled with one hand in one hand, and at the same time, the outer wall of the flower pot can be used to reduce the gap of the pot soil, allowing the plant to be closely combined with the soil, which is conducive to rooting. After the basin, clean up the soil scattered on the plant and the basin surface and place them in the astigmatism.

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