Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.

Due to regional restrictions, there are many unknown things in the world, such as fruits. It may be that the environmental factors cause the fruits in some regions to grow very strange and weird. Only you can't think that there is no nature that cannot be done. Next, I will introduce the ten most weird fruits in the world. If you have the opportunity, you dare to taste it. ?

1. Sting the angle melon

Origin : New Zealand, California

Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.

Native to Khaka, Africa in Africa, Africa, Africa The Lahari Desert, the skin is hard, uneven, and a somewhat disgusting African horn is the fruit that many people love. The flesh is delicate and more seeds. There is a slight fragrance.

2. Tree tomato

Origin : South America, Yunnan, Taiwan, Tibet The Americas, southern Yunnan and southern Tibet are cultivated, and are common fruits in Ruili Mountain, Chiayi, Taiwan. It can be eaten all year round. It tastes a bit like a combination of passion fruit and tomatoes. The fragrance is elegant. The flesh is red and red than the average tomato.

3. Red meat apple

Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.


: Japan Aomori Prefecture

Red skin apple, you must have eaten it , But red meat apples may not even see it! Five Sichuanhara City in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, planted a kind of red meat apple, not only red, but also red. Because of the high acidity of the pulp, it does not sell the entire apple, but is processed foods such as fruit juice and jam. Have the opportunity to go to the Wakawahara, don't forget to try its sweet and sour taste! 4. Surinan cherry

Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits. Origin

: Southern Jiangli

It is produced in Surinno's tropical rain forest area; known as a mini pumpkin, which has a strange effect of treating insomnia.

5. West African lychee fruit

Origin Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.: Jamaica

You must praise these strange fruits who are the first. The courage to try. West African lychee fruit is sometimes called \"vegetable brain\", because only the heart and brain shape can be eaten for yellow fake seeds. Native to tropical West Africa, this fruit import and cultivation in Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba and include some Caribbean cuisine.

6. Finger Buddha Citrus Origin

: North East India

Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.

Finger Buddha statues belong to the citrus family and from North East India. There are similar parts, fingers and YELLOW-LIVING. Yellow fruits may grow fingers of five to twenty. A small amount of white flesh with thick shell and aroma. Conversely, this is not interesting, there is no lump. There are calcium, fiber, phosphorus, vitamin C.

7. Guru Asu Guo


: Africa Amazon

Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.

Discovered in the Amazon Basin, its flesh The fruit is chocolate, with the aroma of pineapple, which is usually used to make desserts and candy. It also contains rich nutrients. Because its flesh contains butter, it is also used as a moisturizing lotion raw material.

8. Black persimmon


: Southwest Hainan; Vietnam, Philippines

Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.

This I want to eat !! Chocolate flavor! ~ Its flesh is sweet, the entrance is dissolved, and the nutrients are high. They are rich in vitamin A, C, potassium, minerals and protein, which are highly valuable.

9. Lima finger citrus

Origin : Australia

Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.

It is one of the members of the citrus family. It is produced in Australia (Australian Crops Giant, in addition to this, but also Hawaii). The fruit is very beautiful, but it is very acidic. It uses a seasoning like lemon. It has many colors: green, black, orange, yellow and pink.

10. Garbin Fruit


: Taiwan, Brazil

The mature fruit has a juicy flesh with juicy flesh Transparent, sweet and sweet, special taste. The fruit grows on the trunk and the main branches. It can be achieved twice a year in the spring and autumn of Taiwan, and the origin of Brazil can be as high as five times. In addition to eating fresh fruits, you can also make jelly, honey, jams and excellent flavors. Plant fun: 10 super rare fruits.

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