How to plant succulents?

Pot soil selection should be used to plant succulents with appropriate pot soil. You can use porcelain pots or tile pots. You can also use coarse sand, peat, and corrupt leaf soil to be configured as a base soil; planting can be directly on the surface of the soil. Sprinkle seeds, then cover the fine soil and cover the plastic wrap; sufficient light, during the growth period should be maintained on the window sill or balcony with sufficient light; watering and fertilizing, watering every 4 days in spring and autumn, and applying fertilizers once a month.

1. Pot soil selection

How to plant succulents?

Before planting succulents, you should choose a suitable pot soil. You can use a tile pot or porcelain basin for planting. You should use soil planting with rich nutrition, or you can configure the base soil yourself. Use coarse sand, rot leaf soil, and peat to mix with a ratio of 2: 1: 1 to configure nutrient soil.

2. Planting

How to plant succulents?

When planting succulent plants, the seeds need to be sprinkled directly on the surface of the soil, covered with a layer of fine soil, and then use fresh preservation. The membrane is covered on the flower pot. Use a toothpick to tie a few small holes on the plastic wrap, the seeds can be better breathable, and it will germinate in a ventilated environment for a period of time.

3. Fuffed light

How to plant succulents?

Succulent plants need adequate light during the growth period. Long -term lack of light will make the plants grow. Therefore, indoor maintenance should be placed on a balcony or window sill with sufficient light to receive sufficient light. When the light is too strong in summer, 70%of the light should be used for light, and it needs to be moved to a cool place at noon.

4. Watering and fertilization

How to plant succulents?

When maintaining succulent plants in spring and autumn, watering should be performed every 4 days. once. Plants in winter will enter the dormant period, and water should be poured once in half a month, so as not to cause stagnant water to grow. The spring and autumn growth season must be applied once a month, and fertilization can be stopped in summer and winter.

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