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Plants are the most awesome creatures on this planet, and they have the vitality that humans cannot reach! Next, I will take everyone to know the old life stars in the plant world!

The 10 oldest trees in the world

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Japan Jhomon Sugi tree


This tree grows in Yoshima, Japan, named Jhomon SUGI, a relatively young tree. Its perimeter is 16.4 meters, and it has obviously grew for many years. However, because of the severe corrosion of the tree and the age, it is difficult for people to know its exact age.

Therefore, it may only be 2170 years old or more than 7200 years old. If it is the latter, it will be one of the oldest trees so far.



123] Among the many ancient trees, it is a younger one, named Serman Tree. It is a giant Sequoia tree, 275 feet (83.82 meters) in height, and 102 feet (31.09 meters) at the base. Growing in Sequoia National Park, California, USA. 0

The measurement results in 2002 showed that its volume was about 1487 cubic meters, which was considered the largest tree in the world. It may have 2300 to 2700 years old.


Baima tree

The oldest chestnut tree in the world is \"Hundred Horse Trees\" can be seen on the slope of Linkona, Gourd in San Dalfa and the Etna volcanic hillside in Sicily. Bai Ma tree is the largest of the chestnut trees worldwide, and it is reported that there are 2,000 to 4,000 years old.


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Alishan Shenmu

Alishan Shenshu in Taiwan may be 3,000, however Unfortunately, a heavy storm in 1997 fell down.

This kind of tree grows slowly, but it is very long. They are often large. The tree height can reach 55 to 60 meters and the diameter is 7 meters. This tree has special significance for local Buddhists. 0


Ji and Du Song

You can easily find one in Logan City, Utah, U.S. FamousThe giant tree named Jardine Juniper, it is already 3200 years old, is the oldest Ji and Du Song in the world.

It may be the most memorable type of longevity tree, native to California. This kind of tree species has thousands of trees. It is very common. In order to participate in the World Expo, Ji and Du Song, named \"Chicago Stump\", was cut off. By calculating the annual wheel, it was finally determined that it was 3200 years old.



Wales Lisovicvi Pucci

It is a Wales in the UK in the UK Wales Larvernova is sprouting in the British Bronze Age, and is between 3000 and 4,000.

Lilant Giniwei's palages can survive for so long because the new tree roots in the trunk are entangled with it. These branches are still alive after the main trunks are dead. The branch can also be rooted in the rotten trunk, or extends down the soil around the tree base.

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Saiyi Aba Kuyu

Guba tree with a history of 4,000, growing in Abaku, Iran, is also known as Soroa Stock. This tree has a special status in the minds of all Iranians, and it has strong religious significance.


0 Matshara Tree

In the forest in Yinyou National Forest, California, USA Known as the Matshara tree, it is a 4800 -year -old large basin fox tail pine. Originally there was a older tree here. Its name was Prometheus, but due to its severe rot, it was cut off in 1964. People used to think that this kind of tree has the longest life, but in fact there are many other older tree species on the earth.



African Dragon Blood Tree

is isolated by the African continent to be isolated from the African continent. The island (Socotra) has a mysterious plant called Cinnabari. The average tree is 8,000 years old. The juice is called dragon blood. The locals believe that the dragon blood has a strong repair function. Whether it is trauma or illness, all difficulty in finding medicines from this tree. Therefore, it is also regarded by the locals as a sacred object.

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European spruce OLD TJIKKO

Scientists in Umea University of Sweden found the oldest trees on the earth on a mountain in central Sweden -- European spruce (also known as Norwegian Yunshan) is called Old TJikko.

After the testing of carbon-the 14th, it was found that its root system was at least 9500 years old, and it continued to grow!But its trunk is relatively young, not even more than 5 meters (4.88 meters high).The reason why this tree can survive for so long should be thanks to its asexual reproduction characteristics (simply that the trunk is the N -N ~ N generation of the root system!).

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