How many types are there?

There is only one breed of red lotus that belongs to the succulent succulent. It is widely distributed in our country, but there are not many people cultivating Hong Zhilian, because it is very difficult for this plant to raise it. Putting water sources, light, fertilization and other factors such as well -controlled plants can grow well.

There is only one type of Hong Zhilian

How many types are there?

Hong Zhilian belongs to a variety of Moriko succulent. At present, it has only one. The succulent plants native to Mozi are currently widely distributed in our country, but because it requires a certain foundation and patience to maintain it, there are not many people raising it in life because it is difficult to raise it.

Red Zhilian's maintenance method

1. Watering

How many types are there?

In the maintenance of Red Red Zhilian Lotus Be sure to pay attention to the method and frequency of watering. This is a plant that is very afraid of waterlogging. If you don't pay attention to it, you will rot the roots. The steaming effect of plants in winter is small, and the water should be broken immediately when the temperature is lower than 5 degrees.

2. Light

How many types are there? Red Zhilian is a plant that prefers the sun. The more sufficient light, the more the leaves of its leaves will It becomes more red, but it is more afraid of humidity and sullenness. It is best to put it in places that can be touched with weak astigmatism and ventilation for a long time. When the light is insufficient, the entire plant will grow long. Essence

3. Fertilization

How many types are there? Red Zhilian has certain needs for nutrients. The color of the color can also grow that the plant more healthy. The fertilization of it is mainly based on thin fertilizer, which can be used to avoid excessive fertilization every 20 days.

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