Winter mage\'s breeding method and watering?

Soil selection, it is best to use loose and breathable soils in winter for maintenance. The soil contains sufficient nutrients, and the mage can pass the winter smoothly; the temperature is appropriate, its cold resistance is not strong, and the indoor temperature is above 10 ° C in winter; Watering is appropriate, the mage needs to control the amount of watering in winter than drought, and the soil is dry and then watered; proper fertilization is appropriately applied. In winter, you do not need to fertilize. If you stop growing, fertilization can be applied.

1. Soil selection

Winter mage\'s breeding method and watering?

When maintaining the mage in winter, it is best to use breathable and loose soil for planting. Mix mixed distribution into matrix. Makes the soil rich in organic matter and minerals, the plants can better resist cold and safe overwinter.

2. The temperature is appropriate

Winter mage\'s breeding method and watering?

The mage's cold resistance is poor. In winter, you should pay attention to control the ambient temperature to avoid it frostbite. It is best to put it in a warm indoor warm environment for maintenance, so that the plant can safely spend the winter, and the indoor temperature should be controlled above 10 ° C.

3. Moderate amount of water

Winter mage\'s breeding method and watering?

The mage has strong drought tolerance and does not need to provide too much water. Especially in winter, the metabolism speed of plants is very slow, and the speed of water evaporation is slow, and watering should be strictly controlled. Before watering, pay attention to the soil state. Watering can be performed with dry and white, and the temperature of the water is the same.

4. Appropriate fertilization

Winter mage\'s breeding method and watering?

In the winter maintenance mage, it usually does not need to apply fertilizer, but if the plant grows slowly, or if it is stopped, it needs to be applied to thinness. Cake fertilizer water or a small amount of rotten and mature organic fertilizers should be taken to avoid letting the leaves contact fertilizer when fertilizing.

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