Cat on the cactus.

Foreign photographers took a set of interesting pictures

咦! A big cat is lying on the cactus

Does your claws and fart hurt?

Cat on the cactus.

Meow: It hurts, it hurts, although it hurts, but someone is taking pictures

Fierce, the expression must be natural!

Pretend to be in the sun, calm!

Cat on the cactus.

I will install it like this, and we will talk about life ~

Meow: You have the ability to come up! [Meow Meow]

Cat on the cactus.

. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence

Cat on the cactus.

Brother, you won!

But I don't care about how you go up now

I care about how you come down!

Cat on the cactus.

It turns out that this Lobby has climbed all the way to the cactus of about 15 meters high in order to avoid the lion's hunting. It was lifted to crawl down. This Bobcat climbing technology is superb. Even if you climb up and down on the cactus, it is not injured!

Cat on the cactus.

This is the law of nature: Material competition, suitable for survival; weak meat and strong food, survival of the fittest!

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