What are the causes of aloe vera leaves?

Improper watering, too much or too little watering, will cause the root of the aloe vera to dry and rot, causing the leaves to be dry. In the later period, the water should be poured in time after the pot soil is dry. Make aloe vera leaves yellow and dry, and it is necessary to mix the garden soil, rivers and sand, and corrupt leaves into a cultivation substrate; lack of light, insufficient light will also make the aloe leaves dry, and it needs to be transferred to the environment with sufficient astigmatism.

1. Improper watering

What are the causes of aloe vera leaves?

Aloe vera is suitable for growing in a moist environment. Only the leaves are poured into the roots during the daily watering process. Aloe vera will be dried due to lack of water. Excessive watering causes the long -term water accumulation of pot soil, which will also cause the aloe to dry. If the watering is too small, the head should be poured in time. Before watering, you need to observe the surface of the pot soil. After the pot soil is found, the watering needs to be stopped in time.

2. Improper potting soil

What are the causes of aloe vera leaves?

Aloe vera is suitable for loose and breathable and strong drainage performance. , Can cause the rotten condition of the aloe vera, making the leaves dry. In the process of maintaining aloe vera in the later period, it is necessary to change the pots every 1 to 2 years, and mix the garden soil, rivers and sand soil, and corrupt leaves into new cultivation substrates.

3. Lack of light

What are the causes of aloe vera leaves?

Aloe aloe needs greater demand for light during the growth period. Dry dry and yellow. If you accept strong light exposure for a long time in summer, too high temperature will also make the leaves yellow and dry. Aloe vera can be placed in a ventilated and cool environment daily. In summer, it is necessary to take shading measures.

4. Leaf blight

What are the causes of aloe vera leaves?

After the leaf blight was attacked during the growth of the aloe, the edges of the leaf will appear small spots, and the dry yellow hair appears. situation. At the beginning of the onset, 1000 times the Bordeaux solution can be sprayed for treatment. When the situation is more serious, you need to trim the diseased leaves first, and then spray 600 times the Bacteria clear solution for treatment.

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