Is the cactus softened or too much water?

Too much watering, too much watering will cause the soil to produce accumulated water, making the cactus rot rotten and soft; lack of moisture, long -term without watering, cactus consumes water in the body, and the soft condition will occur. ; Potting soil panels, the potting soil plate is not breathable, which will cause the immortal ball root system to fail to breathe normally, and the soft condition occurs.

1. Watering too much

Is the cactus softened or too much water?

The softness of the fairy may be caused by too much watering. It is easy to cause stagnant water to cause rotten roots, and the rotten roots will be soft. It is necessary to trim the dry and rotten root system in time and replace it with a new earth for cultivation. During the later period of maintenance, the amount of watering is needed to strictly control it. After the pot soil is completely dry, then properly watered and moisturizes.

2. Lack of moisture

Is the cactus softened or too much water?

Lack of moisture can also make the cactus's stems and leaves soft. If you do not pay taxes for a long time, it may grow gas roots to absorb water from the air. In a state of extreme lack of water, he will slowly consume the water in his body and have a soft condition. At this time, you need to pour sufficient water in the pot soil in time.

3. Potting soil plate knot

Is the cactus softened or too much water?

The fairy palm is suitable to grow in loose and breathable sandy soil. In the past, if the nutrients are not absorbed for a long time, the leaves will be soft and wrinkled. After discovering, you need to go out of the basin in time and replace it with a loose and breathable new soil for re -planting.

4. Insufficient light

Is the cactus softened or too much water?

The condition of the fairy palm may also be caused by the lack of light. If it is placed in a dark and light -free environment for a long time, the cactus's palm and leaves cannot be used normally, and the leaves that will die will be soft. It needs to be transferred to the ventilated and cool astigmatism in time for maintenance.

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