What is 9 roses, 9 roses represent long -term love, 16 roses?

Roses are native to China, belonging to Rose Department. It has a wide variety and thorns on the stems and leaves. Flowers are popular in the world so far, and the meaning of different roses is different. In addition, most of the meaning will give new meanings. So what is the nine roses ? Huayu.com I will explain to you.

What is 9 roses

9 roses \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; long -lasting always!

What is 9 roses, 9 roses represent long -term love, 16 roses?

In fact, what is the nine roses? It represents the long -term meaning. If there are 9 roses who send the loved ones, it means that her love for her is permanent. Because of the homophonic \u0026 ldquo; Jiu \u0026 rdquo; that is, the meaning of the nine \u0026 ldquo; Duo Rose is very suitable for his lover. It is a good choice when confession or birthday and love anniversary. It represents a long -term and long -standing vow. It can express your love for her well, as long as you send 9 roses, girls will understand what you mean. The most important thing is that it is more affordable than 99 roses. If you send 99 roses, it will not be easy to get. It is not good to hinder your sight when walking.

What is 9 roses, 9 roses represent long -term love, 16 roses?

What is 9 roses who have been married? For you in the marriage, love has gradually been smoothed by life, and what is gradually replaced is Familiar people slowly transform into loved ones. Without the passion of love when you are in love. At this time, if you give a bouquet of 9 economic affordable roses, you can ignite the enthusiasm of your life, but also allow you to rekindle your good memories of love.

After reading the introduction of the editor, everyone should have a deep understanding of the nine roses. The significance it expresses in love is very beautiful and sincere. Then I will understand with the editor to learn about it together. All kinds of days suitable for sending 9 roses! What is 9 roses, 9 roses represent long -term love, 16 roses?

The days suitable for sending 9 roses

1. Valentine's Day

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On Valentine's Day The people who send flowers are endless. Many people will choose to send 11 roses or 9 roses. From the above we can learn that 9 roses are sent to What, you can send 9 roses if you want to be with her forever. The meaning of 11 roses means that it is very suitableIt was sent on Valentine's Day, but decided according to your actual situation. Xiaobian thinks that 11 roses are more suitable for loyalty.

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