Can aloe in the sun?

Aloe can be exposed to the sun. During the growth period, sufficient light must be provided to avoid lack of light and cause photosynthesis. In summer, it is necessary to move into a cool and ventilated place. Aloe vera needs to provide sufficient nutrients during the growth period, and fertilizer is applied every 4 months. Watering when its soil is dry and white, it needs to be moved to a ventilated and dry environment in the rainy season. It should be guaranteed to grow in an environment of 20 ° C during daily maintenance.

Aloe can be exposed to the sun

Can aloe in the sun?

Aloe can be exposed to the sun, and sufficient sunlight needs to be provided during the growth period. During its growth, if the light is not sufficient, the plants will not be photosynthetic, and the leaves will become yellow. However, during the summer growth, it is necessary to move into a cool place indoors to avoid being sunburned by scorching sun.

The maintenance method of aloe vera

1. Nutrition is sufficient

Can aloe in the sun?

During the growth period of aloe vera, it must provide sufficient sufficient periodic Nutrition, during maintenance, requires fertilization every 4 months. It can be applied to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium compound fertilizer, or rotten and mature organic fertilizers to make it grow faster. When fertilizing, fertilizer should be avoided at the root of the plant.

2. Control watering

Can aloe in the sun? Aloe is more resistant to drought. When watering Observe whether the soil is white, and water can be watered to ensure that the soil is slightly moist. In the rainy season, it is necessary to transplant it into a good ventilation and dry environment. When watering is performed, the leaves of the plant should be wet to cause the leaves to rot.

3. Daily maintenance

Can aloe in the sun? When breeding aloe, if the surrounding environment temperature is lower than 10 ℃ , Need to be moved to the room warm. The indoor temperature should be kept at about 20 ° C to prevent aloe from frostbite. Pot soil should be changed every three years during the growth period. It is best to use organic and well -drained sandy soil for planting.

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