Features of cactus?

The characteristics of the branches and leaves, the leaf branches of the cactus are ovate -ovate and the ovaries are round, with a thickness of 1.2 to 2 cm; the characteristics of the flowers, the flowers are inflexible, the diameter is 5-6.5 cm; There are irregular fluff on the surface; the maintenance method, the room temperature must be controlled above 20 ° C during the maintenance method, and the soil is found to be properly watered and moisturized.

1. The characteristics of the branches and leaves

Features of cactus?

The branches of the upper part of the cactus's palm are ovate or an ovarian round or nearly circular, with thickness of 1.2-2 cm The apex is round, with irregular waves on the edges, and the color is green to yellow -green. After growing mature, the thorns will become thick and increase.

2. Flower characteristics

Features of cactus?

The flowers of the cactus are inflexible, the diameter is 5-6.5 cm, the flower supports ovate, the top is intercept and has a with The depression, the green base gradually narrowed, the sepal flowers were widched and ovate -shaped to the ovarian spherical, the top was depressed, and the part was shrinking into a handle shape, and the apex was gradually pointed or rounded.

3. Fruit characteristics

Features of cactus?

The fruits of the cactus are mostly flat, the edges have irregular fluff, the color is light yellow -brown, the top is sunken, and the top is sunken. The local area will be shrunk into a handle -shaped, smooth surface, 5 to 10 small nests on each side, and small nests with small burrs.

4. Maintenance method

Features of cactus?

The fairy palm is suitable for growing in the environment with sufficient light, heat resistance and drought The above, and ensure the existence of light. When the summer light is too strong, it needs to cover the strong light. It is found that the soil needs to be watered and moisturized in time. During the strong growth period, the rotten organic fertilizer is applied every half a month.

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