Valentine\'s Day Flower, why should I send roses on Valentine\'s Day, Valentine\'s Day Fruit Flower?

Love is priceless, but the roses representing love will definitely increase their prices on Valentine's Day and Qixi Festival. You who have received so many roses, do you know why Valentine's Day will send roses? Search online Rose language : Red Rose represents love; white roses represent purity and respect; pink roses represent first love; blue roses represent unique; yellow roses represent apology \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip; Woolen cloth?
Valentine\'s Day Flower, why should I send roses on Valentine\'s Day, Valentine\'s Day Fruit Flower?

From the perspective of plant classification, roses are Rose Me Rose Rose Rose belongs to shrubs. The relatives of this genus are also the roses and roses we are familiar with. Among them, the cultivation of roses in China is the longest. Wild roses are produced in Shandong, Jilin, Liaoning coast, North Korea, Japan in East Asia, and the Far East of Russia. Among them, the love god Aphrodite dyed the red rose with blood, which is actually a dog rose native to Europe. When Chinese roses and rose were introduced into Europe, Europeans did not distinguish them in detail.

So where did the love belief of roses come from? This has to start with the big sailing. The rise of global trade has brought flowers from various places to Europe, embellished with Europeans' gardens. In the 17th century, floral art gradually became a form of home decoration and art. British families have developed the habit of putting a bouquet of flowers on the idle fireplace in summer. After careful arrangement of the bouquet, it also became the protagonist of the static paintings in the early 18th century.

The rose flower produced in East Asia was introduced to the United Kingdom in 1796. Its fragrant and beautiful flowers, disease resistance and drought resistance are well received by European breeders. The roses that we usually say now are the products born of a variety of rose flowers and after artificial selection.

By the 19th century, flower plants not only arranged the dining table as forests, but also had a complete meaning in the publication.

Valentine\'s Day Flower, why should I send roses on Valentine\'s Day, Valentine\'s Day Fruit Flower? Plants and flower language books soon became popular in Europe and the United States. From 1827 to 1923, the United States released at least hundreds of books and dictionaries about flower language. From then on, dark red roses have become a symbol of romantic love.

The reason why Valentine's Day can send roses is also attributed to flower temperature control technology. In the 19th century, the flowers planting of flowers began to transform the greenhouse of vegetables into special glass houses to grow roses. The flower room controlled the temperature by opening and closing the windows and litting the charcoal furnace.

In the 1950s, the Dutch designed precise automatic temperature control to induce plants to bloom at appropriate time. In the mid -1980s, a researcher named John \u0026 Middot; Owen found that the blooming of plants can be induced by changing the temperature difference between day and night, and the rose \u0026 ldquo;

Early flower merchants can only sell flowers nearby. After World War II, aviation transportation changed everything. In 1944, the flower art magazine \"Flower Merchants Review\" released by the United States reported that the European Farmers picked flowers in the afternoon and could arrive in New York the next morning. Today, Ecuador Rose is picked in the plantation garden. After 2 degrees Celsius refrigerated, it can be sold in Chinese flower shops as soon as 24 hours. Flower farmers in Yunnan will also use rubber rings or Internet cooters to hold the buds to extend its closed time.

Valentine\'s Day Flower, why should I send roses on Valentine\'s Day, Valentine\'s Day Fruit Flower? In addition to the color and shape, odor and life are also the characteristics of research and development. Scientists have created a


rose. It is famous for its rich flavor, but it exudes fragrance and needs to consume a lot of flowers in flowers, which will shorten the life of the flowers. Therefore, this kind of lavender rose is mainly used at the wedding, as long as it is eye -catching on the day of the wedding. Most flowers on the market are actually without fragrance, because consumers are more concerned about the survival time of flowers, whether it is suitable for transportation, and whether the shape is perfect. This may be the trick of flower merchants, such as using aromatherapy spray. Preservatives in the flower arrangement water will also release some fragrance.

You only need to send a rose to a person on Valentine's Day, but Mother's Day is different. Mother, mother -in -law, grandma, grandma, do you have to be a hand? You may not know that Mother's Day is actually a festival created by flower merchants. Mother's Day, in 1908, a woman named Anna wrote to all sectors of society, proposed to set up Mother's Day, and set the date on the second Sunday of May, that is, her mother's taboo day,

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She urged the flower merchants to take action, let the children look at the clinic, do not last a white Valentine\'s Day Flower, why should I send roses on Valentine\'s Day, Valentine\'s Day Fruit Flower? Carnival

, express his respect to his mother, this season is cheap And sufficient, so the flower merchants think that this is a good business opportunity and responds. This is the origin of Mother's Day to send carnations.

Perhaps flowers are not romantic enough, but it is a solid big business. The current global cutting market, the annual transaction value is as high as 40 billion US dollars, which is equivalent to 4 times that of the global film market!

In addition to retail, there is also a very famous way, Dutch sales \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; auction. Flowers in the Netherlands, all flowers are shipped to a small town called Asmir. This town is located near Amsterdam. Don't look at a small town, it is the world's largest flower trade center. Most flowers appearing in the European market, including flowers sold to Russia, China and Japan, are traded here. The amount of flowers here accounts for one -fifth of the world.

Because of the artificial cultivation, the flowers itself has been changed. We have blue roses and do not drop the pollen Valentine\'s Day Flower, why should I send roses on Valentine\'s Day, Valentine\'s Day Fruit Flower?Lily

, African chrysanthemums that can survive in the vase for 20 days, these flowers carry various emotions we want to express.Of course, after watching our show, when you send flowers

next time, you not only know the flower language, but also teach her gently that these flowers are special.

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