Plant fun | Do you know that plants will sweat.

People sweat after high temperature or severe exercise. These sweats are discharged through the sweat glands of the body surface. After evaporation, the body temperature is reduced. It is the human body's fever mechanism. Most other warm blood animals, like humans, also sweat the heat through sweat glands.

Animals will sweat, but have you heard that plants will also \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo; And they are \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo;, why is this?

Plant fun | Do you know that plants will sweat.

What is the sweating of the plant?

I believe that many people have seen the following situations. In the early spring of the spring, summer, and early autumn, many plants' leaf tip and leaf margin will emerge with a large amount of small water droplets. We always thought that these small droplets were dew, in fact, this was not dew!

The dewdrops from water vapor in the air on the surface of the plant are condensed, which is generally distributed on the surface of the blade. However, water droplets in the tip of the plant leaves and leaf margins are not formed by the water vapor in the air. Instead, it is secreted from the plant, that is, the \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo;

The dew is water, and the plant's \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo; contains a small amount of inorganic salts and other substances, which is really similar to human sweat!

If you do n’t believe it, you can try to play the water on the leaves. You will find that the dew on the leaf surface is not seen after being bounced off, and the moisture on the tip of the leaf and the edge of the leaf is bounced off and then then Slowly came out.

Plant fun | Do you know that plants will sweat.

Revealing the mystery of plants \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo; mystery

Why the plants are in a cool morning, then \u0026 ldquo; afraid of heat \u0026 rdquo; sweat; sweat; What about the rain \u0026 rdquo;?

It turned out that the plants absorbed a large amount of water through the roots, and most of these water needed to be discharged from the body. During the day, they performed photosynthesis in the sun, the pores on the leaves were opened, and a large amount of water evaporated through these pores, so we could not see its \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo;. But in the evening, the stomach was closed, but the roots were constantly absorbing water.

In this way, the water in the plant will be excessive and expanded, and then find exports, so the pores on the tip of the leaves and leaves become their \u0026 ldquo; These water holes are located at the tip of the leaves, which are connected to the transportation of moisture and inorganic salts in the plant. So the plant \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo;, is actually the end of the plant evening \u0026 ldquo; sweat \u0026 rdquo;.

Plant fun | Do you know that plants will sweat.

How the dew is formed

In the early morning of the warm season, people can often be seen on the grass, leaves, and crops on the roadside, dew and frost, nor do they fall from the sky. The cause and process of the formation of the dew are the same as the cream, but the temperature when it is formed is 0 \u0026 deg; C. C.

above 0 \u0026 deg; C, the temperature when the air reaches the saturation of water vapor due to cooling is called \u0026 quot; dew point temperature \u0026 quot; In the warm season, when the ground objects are strongly radiated at night, the air temperature in contact with the surface of the object decreases, and it drops to \u0026 quot; dew point \u0026 quot; there will be excess water vapor precipitation in the future. Because at this time the temperature is 0 \u0026 deg; C above; C, these excess water vapor are condensed into water droplets and attached to the ground objects. This is dew.

Dew generally formed at night. After the sunrise, the temperature rose, and the exposed evaporation disappeared. Life in the world is very short. In the season of crop growth, exposure often appears. It is beneficial to agricultural production. In the summer of northern my country, the evaporation was quickly evaporated. When it encountered the drought of rain, the leaves of the crops were sometimes rolled up during the day, but at night, the leaves were restored again. People often call \u0026 quot; Yulu \u0026 Quot; and call it the truth.

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