How to plant the cactus?

Preparation of soil, when planting cactus, you can mix the ratio of rotten soil, coarse sand soil, and granular soil to make the substrate of cultivation. Sub -balls, transplanting after drying; cutting and breeding, you can intercept well -growing stem blocks. After drying, cut the stem down into a loose and breathable soil.

1. Preparation of soil

How to plant the cactus?

The fairy palm is suitable to grow in soil with a loose and fertile and strong drainage performance. The coarse sand soil and granular soil are mixed with a ratio of 6: 2: 2 to make the cultivation matrix. After planting, a layer of vermiculite needs to be laid on the soil to heat and moisturize.

1. Subtractional reproduction

How to plant the cactus?

The cactus belongs to a ball stem plant, which can be propagated by a branch method. In the spring and autumn seasons of each year, you can intercept the strong growth of the growth of the growth of the growing mothers, then place it in a ventilated and cool environment for maintenance. After drying the injury, place it into the wet pot soil. After one month, the ball ball You can take root and form a new plant.

2. Cutting reproduction

How to plant the cactus?

Cuttings can also be used for reproduction. The stem blocks with better growth are placed in a ventilated and cool environment for 1 week. After the wound is rushed, then the stems are down, cutting into loose and breathable sand, and in depth of about 10 cm. Can take root.

4. Post -management

How to plant the cactus?

After the pot is completed, the cactus must be placed in a dry environment for maintenance, and dilution every three months should be applied every 3 months. The latter liquid fertilizer makes the plant grow more vigorously. Although the cactus has strong drought tolerance, when it grows in June to August every year, water needs to be poured once a day to make the pot soil in a wet growth state.

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