The summer of flower language poetry,

May \"Pomegranate Flower\"

The summer of flower language poetry,

\"Title Duct Flower\"

[Tang] Han Yu

The eyes are clear, when the branches are the first time.

Poorly there is no car and horse here, turning the moss upside down.

Pomegranate flower language: mature beauty, wealth and descendants

Friends born in May are enthusiastic, but they will be slightly irritable in personality. Sometimes it is more sad and easy to doubt. The ears are relatively soft, and it is easy to be regarded as the opinions of others. There is no opinion.

June \"Lotus\"

The summer of flower language poetry,

\"Sending Jingci Temple Send Forest Fang\"

[Song] Yang Wanli

[123 ] After all, in the middle of the West Lake, the scenery was not the same as the four o'clock.

The lotus leaves are infinitely blue, and the lotus lotus is red.

The flower language of the lotus: innocence, firmness and purity

The lotus is pure and implicit, with a little noble in the corona. The same is true of people born in June. It is pure, not good and false, and pays great attention to feelings.

July \"


\" Wing Narcissus \"The summer of flower language poetry,

Song Liu Bangzhi

[ 123] By blooming by water, the water sinks into bone jade as muscle.

The dark incense has been pressed down, only the cold plum has no good branches.

The flower language of Bailuxian: Pure and auspiciousness, but also represents a strong love.

The human temperament born in July is elegant, enthusiastic about people, talked about vomiting, good communication, helping others, not reporting, and not exaggerating to do things.

August \"Osmanthus\"

\"Lingdong Ting Lake Gifts Zhang Ying Prime Minister\"

[Tang] Meng Haoran The summer of flower language poetry,

In August lake level, culverts are mixed with too clear.

Qi steaming Yunmei, shaking Yueyang City.

The desire to help the boat, and the shame of the saint.

Sitting viewing fishermen, envy of fishing.


八月出生的人眸清目正,行动敏捷,待人热情大方,聪明过人,有Appraisal power and appreciation.

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