Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life.

We all know that March 12 is a tree planting festival each year, but how many people know that this day is also the world forest day? The World Forest Day means advocating everyone to protect the forests and love trees. The forest is the son of nature, and protecting the forest is equivalent to protecting nature. The following editors will take you to appreciate the 8 most charming forests in the world!

1. The United States: California Sequoia National Park

Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life.

Here The landscape can disappear all the troubles here. The mature sequy tree trunk is tall, up to 70-120 meters, and the tree age is 800-3000 years. The giant \u0026 rdquo; giant \u0026 rdquo; people have to sigh the magic of nature, and at the same time, the original ecology is full of awe.

2. Costa Rica: Gammont Vodo Cloud Forest

Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life. There are magical golden toads, fragrant orchids and bright There are many kinds of biological species here, and it is the main ecological tourism place in Central America. The amount of precipitation of 2950 mm each year makes the orchids here lush lush than anywhere in the world. If you don't see the green bite cuckoo, maybe you will hear the humming bird's buzzing, because there are more than 30 kinds of hummingbirds here.

3. Black Forest

Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life. Black Forest, also known as the striped forest, is one of the most famous forests in the world. It is located in the mountainous area of \u200b\u200bBarfuzhou, southwest of Germany. It is 160 kilometers from north and south, and the east to west is 60 kilometers. In the rolling mountainous areas, a dark pressure is seen from a distance to get the name of the black forest.

As the birthplace of the Danube and Neka River, when you walk into the Black Forest, you will feel that the world gradually disappears in the sky, and the ears are full of gentle breathing.

Fourth, Thailand: Irawan National Forest Park

It is located 65 kilometers northwest of Bei Bifu, covering an area of \u200b\u200babout 550 square kilometers. Irawan waterfall with the Seventh -stage Waterfall. There are natural trails in the forest, caves, stone clock milk and stalagmites formed by limestone, towering trees, and the blue sky is reflected in the spring water. It is a paradise for animal monkeys, macaques, cobras and elephants.

5. China: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

In 1982, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park was identified as China's first national level Forest Park, and was named \u0026 ldquo in 2004 for its uniqueness in 2004, the UNESCO Global Geological Park \u0026 \u200b\u200bRDQUO; The most significant feature of the forest is more than everywhere in the parkVisible giant columns. Due to the humid climate throughout the year, the parks are leafy and spectacular. Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life.

6. China: Xinjiang Wheel Popular Forest Park

north of the southern foot of Tianshan Tianshan, Xinjiang, hiding the world The most upper area, the most densely distributed, and the best survival \u0026 ldquo; the third discipline \u0026 rdquo; \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; The euphratica forest is distributed along the Tarim River Basin, which is an obvious ecological imprint in the Tarim River Basin. Whether it is the dyeing of the morning glow or the sunset, it also makes people interpret vitality and hope.

Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life.

Seven, Japan: Zojia Wild Bamboo Forest

Here the bamboo forest is clustered and dense, and it is one of the world's famous tourist attractions. Many tourists come to Japan. It is a must -see journey. It can be said that the recovery of all things is that in the spring of the spring or the autumn wind in the autumn, his bamboo leaves are intertwined from it, and the color is very charming!

Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life.

8. Poland: Turn jungle

Bending forest located outside the scope of CZARNOWO, Poland, is like Super Super Super Super Super Super Realist painter Saldova \u0026 Middot; Dali's oil painting has been the chasing place for tourists for sightseeing for 80 years. There were small forests in the forest area. There are 400 pine trees planted in the province of Pomorania, Germany in 1930. The origin of the bending forest seems to some extent it seems to be related to the plasticity of human tools or technology, but what kind of motivation and method have not been known.

Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life. Nine, New Zealand: Nebawa Forest

For thousands of years of life, it can be said to be a big tree of heaven. There are \u0026 ldquo; the king of forests \u0026 rdquo; This tree life expectancy from 1250 to 2500 can be said to be historically long. It is very memorable, and it is also a place for tourists in the world. I want to look at this tree king with my own eyes.

Plant fun | 8 major fantasy forests that will go in life. Ten, Australia: Dai En Tree Rain Forest

This Dai En tree rain forest located in the southern hemisphere is the longest stretching Australia. The tropical rain forest across the area has been extended to the Queensland coast. The rain forest has a history of 160 million years. It is the oldest rain forest in the world. It has amazing natural beauty and unforgettable natural diversity. Australia 30%of frogs, reptiles, bags, and 65%of bats,Butterflies and ancient plants are reproduced in the rainforest.Most of the rainforests are covered within the scope of the protection of Queensland Wetland World Heritage, and can continue to extend to white beaches, coral reefs, rugged mountains, canyons, rivers and spectacular waterfalls.

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