Ancient flower poems, bamboo flowers and poems?

January \"Plum Blossom\"

Ancient flower poems, bamboo flowers and poems?

\"Early Spring Holding fast, Answer Huangfu Ten Gifts\"

[Tang] Bai Juyi

The first moon is sunny and the atmosphere is new, and there are already drunk travelers.

Emperor City Hua Xiaozhai Guest, in the past thirty years of early spring.

Plum Blossom Flower: Strong, loyal, elegant

People born in January, most of them are proud and lonely, very high, but they are upright, but the character is quite noble!

February \"Apricot\"

Ancient flower poems, bamboo flowers and poems?


[Qing] Gaoding

Grass length Yingfei February Day, wipe out the embankment willow drunk spring smoke.

Children's scattered school returned early, busy putting paper kite while the wind.

The flower language of Xinghua: coquettish, doubt, girl's mood

People born in February are generally honest and frank, sincere and friendly to others, from improperly, one set behind Hypocritical person.

March \"Peach Blossom\"

Ancient flower poems, bamboo flowers and poems?

\"Rebate Return\"

[Tang] Rongyu

3 Yuejiang City willow fly, and tourists are given away for five years.

Therefore, there will be no tears and rural tears, today the wet and wet clothes.

The flower language and representative significance of peach blossoms are: the captive of love

The appearance is delicate and beautiful, and the heart is also gentle and considerate. But the coquettish people generally do not have a firm willpower, which is also a major disadvantage of people born in March.

April \"Rose\"

Ancient flower poems, bamboo flowers and poems?

\"Village April\"


Green all over Yamarahara Bai Manchuan, the son's voice is like smoke.

There were few idlers in the countryside in April, and then the silk mulberry was inserted again.


Flower language: beautiful love, love thoughts; virtue. People born in April have a straightforward personality, but sometimes speaking too directly, it will hurt Bill. However, although the appearance is thorns, the heart is particularly beautiful. People born this month have no bad eyes and ambitions. They want to make themselves shine.

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