Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence

The magical nature is a great Creator, creating a variety of creatures, especially plants, which are more and more attached. The following editors will bring you several magical plants, read carefully, don't miss it ~

Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence

1. Trees that can generate electricity

In India, there is a tree to generate electricity. Growing in southern India, its leaves have a strong charge. If people pass by and accidentally encounter its branches, they will immediately feel as uncomfortable as being beaten. It has the ability to power generation and electricity. At noon, the power is weak and the electricity at night is strong, and its secrets are unclear.

Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence

2. Trees that can be used as a toothbrush (toothpaste)

Toothbrush tree grows in tropical forests in western Africa, locals call it For the \"Arrow\" tree, if you saw the trunk or branches and cut it into a wooden piece with a toothbrush handle to brush your teeth, the teeth can be brushed white. This kind of wood is put into the mouth, and it will soon be soaked by saliva. At this time, the fiber at the top immediately scattered, and it turns into a \"mane\" on the toothbrush, so it is called \"toothbrush tree\".

Coincidentally, Tanzania in eastern Africa also has this toothbrush tree, which is better than the previous one. It is a kind of tree, the fiber of the branches is soft and elastic. As long as people process the branches a little, they can make an ideal natural toothbrush. Use it to brush your teeth, and you don't have to use toothpaste. Because the branches contain a large amount of soap and mint sesame oil, not only the toothbrush is clean, but also cool and refreshing, it feels comfortable.

Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence

3, the tree that can shed tears

A strange tree grows in southern Russia. Its shape looks like other as others. There is no strange trees, but when you peel off the bark, miracles will happen. The trunk after peeling immediately revealed a big \"eye\", and there were sad \"tears\" in these wonderful \"eyes\". These \"tears\" make people can't bear to continue to peel its skin. These eyes are actually just scars, but unlike the scars of other trees, a corner extended on each side, which is very similar to human eyes. The flowing \"tears\" with stickiness is a natural adhesive that can be used as glue.

Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence

4. The tree that will extinguish the fire In the virgin forest in the western Angola in Africa, if you are in A lighter named \"Xinke Tree\" ignite the lighter, and this tree suddenly sprayed a white slurry to extinguish the fire. The people who can't avoid the ignition will also be covered by the white pulp. This sudden punishment seems to be warning him: forest fire prevention is heavy, not withStur it! Because Xin Keshu is always loyal to guarding the Great Forest and relentlessly extinguishing the fire under the tree, people praise it as a \"voluntary firefighter\" in the forest.

Xin Ke tree is a kind of evergreen tree. Its branches and leaves are particularly lush, and the shape of the palms hangs downwards, covering the entire big tree, which is obsessed with light. What wonderful \"fire extinguisher\" does Xin Keshu depend on the fire? It turned out that there were many buds between its branches. These buds were like a \"ball\" filled with water, which was full of liquid secreted from the tree. Wonderful is that these buds are particularly afraid of seeing the light. Once they see the light, they will spray white slurry out of the trees from countless small holes on the surface. According to scientists, the slurry sprayed by Xinkeshu contains fire extinguishing substances such as tetralet oxide. With such an advanced \"fire extinguisher\", no wonder it will have such a powerful fire extinguishing skills.

Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence 5. It will beat up and down as the melody is fast and slow. The faster the rhythm of the music, the faster it beating, the slower rhythm of the music, and it will slow down. When the music stops, it stops dancing. This plant named \"dancing grass\" is a rare plant in the world.

6. Crops can also grow meat

Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence The previous hybrid crops are crops of different varieties of crops. Now Science and technology researchers are developing a new hybrid variety: let the crops grow out of meat alternatives, and in the future, they can \"harvest\" mutton, chicken, and steak directly from the crops.

The news sounds a bit everywhere, but the artificial blood products applied for development by a company called SONATOGEN in Potor, Colorado, Colorado. pace. This is the first time the US Food and Drug Administration approves artificial meat alternatives. It is not water, but artificial blood for irrigation to irrigate the crops of meat. In other words, this kind of crops have the growth characteristics of mammals and need to absorb nutrients from the blood. Of course, in addition to blood irrigation, biological cloning technology can also be used to make crops grow meat food. There are a lot of people who do not eat meat or dare to eat meat in the world who do not eat or dare to eat meat. The market potential is very large.

7. Plants also suffer from cancer

Plant interesting view: Crops can grow meat!Essence You read it right, and the plants will also have cancer like us humans. After the plants are damaged, the wounds are cancerous due to the invasion of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, and various malignant tumors will occur, causing deformities and eventually leading to death.If there is a small insect named bee, he especially likes to tissue the middle -class ovulation under the skin of the cricket tree, hatch into insects, and destroys the tissue cells of the cricket tree. After a long time, the cell tissue of the plant will cancer.

Plants from embryonic development and growth to flowering. The entire life process is controlled by genes in the cells. Various tissue cells under different gene controls have organized metabolism. When plants are attacked by pests and insect pests, this original normal and organized metabolic program will be disrupted. The growth hormone generated by the \"instructions\" of genetic information was also destroyed, which caused a kind of cancer cells to cause the cell tissue of the plant to form various malignant tumors. Plants can get cancer, but plants can help humans treat cancer.

According to the study of American botanists for many years, there have been more than 2,200 plants that can treat cancer. For example, the hi tree of the grass plant contains a kind of alkaloid, which has the effect of inhibiting DNA synthesis. It has been applied to the clinic and has a good effectiveness of anti -malignant tumors.

In addition, medical scientists have also discovered that many vegetables have anti -cancer effects. Such as white radish and carrots are rich in \"lignin\", which greatly improves the ability of macrophages to swallow cancer cells and various viruses, and has the effect of anti -cancer and longevity. Another example is that in the lettuce, pumpkin, peas and other vegetables, it also contains substances that can prevent and inhibit the absorption and synthesis of carcinogenic acid amine in the human body, and can stimulate the human body to produce an interferon that resist cancer cell growth.

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